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Fastly Secures $40M Investment to Help Deliver Secure Content

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September 16, 2014 — San Francisco, CA — Fastly, the content delivery network (CDN) engineered for the future, today announced that it has raised a $40 million Series C round from previous investors August Capital, Battery Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, and Amplify Partners, as well as new investor IDG Ventures. August Capital led the funding round.

With the investment, Fastly plans to grow its team with key executive and engineering hires, build more points-of-presence (POPs) in strategic locations around the world, and develop product partnerships with Fortune 500 companies.

“Fastly is redefining the content delivery space,” says David Hornik, General Partner at August Capital. “The team has completely evolved the legacy CDN technology model to give companies unprecedented control over how they serve and monitor content online. We’re ecstatic about Fastly’s growth, and we’re incredibly excited to participate in this funding round.”

Over the past year, Fastly has experienced impressive growth:

  • Tripled the number of employees in San Francisco, New York, and London offices

  • Tripled its customer base, which includes GitHub, GOV.UK, HotelTonight, Imgur, Shopify, the Guardian, and Twitter

  • Increased traffic distributed by 3x

  • Launched streaming media services, including live, VOD, transcode, and packaging services

“Fastly continues to attract amazing talent and customers,” says Artur Bergman, CEO. “Our goal is to build a faster, better Internet, and our technology will improve the way people experience content online.”

Fastly’s CDN challenges traditional content delivery solutions because it:

Gives total control over content delivery: Fastly’s unrivaled API-based tools allow businesses to control their digital worlds. Fastly also delivers real-time performance analytics that help companies make more intelligent decisions about their content in real-time, based on real data.

Caches more at the edge: Fastly’s CDN is built to accelerate any type of content, including rapidly changing, dynamic content (like HTML and APIs), as well as static and long tail content, small objects, and streaming video. Fastly’s 150 millisecond instant purge sets a new standard for speed in an industry where legacy CDNs take minutes and sometimes hours to update their customers’ content.

Runs on the most powerful infrastructure in the world: Fastly’s network is built on all solid-state drives (SSDs), and its robust POPs are located closest to subscriber networks. Fastly’s customized software is designed for large scale deployments, high-performance content delivery, and real-time content management.

In the coming months, Fastly will continue building and optimizing its own custom architecture and strategically expanding POP locations around the world. Future POP locations include Denver, Melbourne, Osaka, São Paulo, Seattle, and Stockholm. For the full list of current and planned locations, visit Fastly’s network map.

About Fastly

Fastly helps people stay better connected with the things they love. Fastly’s edge cloud platform enables customers to create great digital experiences quickly, securely, and reliably by processing, serving, and securing our customers’ applications as close to their end-users as possible — at the edge of the internet. Fastly’s platform is designed to take advantage of the modern internet, to be programmable, and to support agile software development with unmatched visibility and minimal latency, empowering developers to innovate with both performance and security. Fastly’s customers include many of the world’s most prominent companies, including Pinterest, The New York Times, and GitHub.

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