AI, but make it instant

Fastly AI Accelerator

No, you’re not hallucinating. Your ChatGPT requests can be faster and more efficient — by just changing a single line of code.

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Take the stress out of using LLMs and build more efficient applications

Fastly AI Accelerator reduces API calls and bills with intelligent, semantic caching. For this initial beta release, we are starting with OpenAI’s ChatGPT text API.

Improve performance

Fastly helps make AI APIs fast and reliable by reducing the number of requests and request times with semantic caching.

Reduce costs

Slash costs by reducing upstream API usage, serving the content directly from Fastly cache.

Increase developer productivity

Save valuable developer time reinventing the wheel caching AI responses by leveraging the power of the Fastly platform.

Do you run an AI platform?

Let Fastly help you scale it to success.