Always on 24/7 monitoring

Automate alerts for your service

Stop managing multiple data and alerting software for your delivery service. Set custom alerts for your services, origins, domains, and compute programs.

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Initiate custom alerts

Our in-app Alerts feature allows you to set and share critical information that needs immediate attention. Improve your alerting capabilities with simple alert set up.

Avoid extra integrations

Set alerts directly from the Fastly UI or API instead of puzzling together multiple data and alerting tools. This simplifies data pipelines, workflows, and unnecessary system complexity.

Discover issues faster

Alert notifications include important context info and a direct link to the alert source so that you can resolve the alerts quickly.

Easily share infrastructure status

Share alerts through Slack, email, or integrate an alert with your existing escalation workflows with PagerDuty, Microsoft Team, New Relic and more.

Packages & features

Begin now with an Observability package

Alerts is exclusively available in all of our Observability product packages, along with a host of features that collect, analyze, and visualize data.

Simplify delivery & compute data

Consolidate delivery and compute data pipelines by creating alerts within your service UI or API -- without the need for another 3rd party tool.

Intelligent alerting strategies

Create alerts for upper and lower thresholds, error and success rates, and percentage changes as well as any historical service stats.

Custom alerts

Origin, domain, and compute-related metrics are also available to alert on. Track and alert on RPS, Bandwidth, 4XXs, and 5XXs. Define the alert name, service, data source, metrics, threshold, evaluation period, and webhook integration.