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Cloud security

Fastly’s massive globally distributed network provides rapid protection against web application vulnerabilities, DDoS, and botnet attacks. Enforce security rules at the edge with real-time insights into suspicious traffic and the ability to update your configuration in milliseconds.

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Single compliant network

Traditional CDNs send sensitive data on a separate network with less capacity than their main network, or they pass it directly to the customer’s origin. Both approaches can cause slower response times, and bypassing the CDN altogether leads to extra load on the origin server.

Fastly’s entire network supports compliance across all our services. We speed up the caching and delivery of sensitive content at the edge, without splitting your traffic into separate networks to satisfy PCI DSS requirements or maintain good HIPAA security practices.

Event log data

Fastly also provides event logs for user activity related to your service or account. When a change occurs, we capture who made that change and when it occurred and expose it via our API and web interface. Examples of logged events include failed logins, password updates, API key creation, and users added, updated, or deleted. You can also see when user accounts are locked or unlocked, and when two-factor authentication is enabled or disabled. Timely access to this log data improves monitoring and ensures your configuration settings are more secure.

Assurance Services

Our Assurance Services provide additional support for customers handling sensitive data which may be subject to audit requirements. We offer access to our library of third-party audit reports and certification attestations in addition to security-related policies and procedures. Executive summary reports are available for annual risk assessments, penetration tests, and network scans. Subscribers to Assurance Services can also use professional service hours to conduct direct audits of Fastly’s security and technology compliance programs.

Reminder: No security solutions will detect or prevent all possible attacks or threats