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Fastly Key Value Stores

Anyone can put your data in a KV Store. Only Fastly offers powerful, real-time data at the edge, anywhere in the world, with the simplicity of a KV Store. Whether you need a traditional KV Store, secure data, or application configuration, our platform offers a robust set of features that outperforms every other data platform. Fastly seamlessly manages data replication across our worldwide PoPs freeing you to focus on building innovative apps.

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The only platform that instantly makes your data available around the globe.

You don’t have to think about where your data is going, it’s already there. Build new kinds of apps, and imagine new experiences for your users with a data store that does what others can’t.

KV Store

Your team already knows how to use a KV Store, but with Fastly, you get a key-value store that offers global, durable storage with the power of Fastly’s platform. That means, ridiculously fast reads and writes so you can store, control, or cache data instantly, while reducing origin dependency. Just imagine what you’ll build.

Secret Store

All the power of Fastly’s instant KV Store magic, but with the security you need. Secret Store provides secure storage for sensitive data like credentials with the same blisteringly fast speed that Fastly is famous for. With secure access to credentials, API keys, and other secrets from Fastly Compute services, you don’t have to choose between low latency and high safety.

Config Store

Storing and updating configuration data at the edge just got better with KV Config Stores that allow you to share and scale config data across multiple services. Forget about time wasted replicating configuration stores and focus on innovation and productivity. With fast and secure read performance, Config Store is perfect for storing environment variables, redirect lists, and more.

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