Security Problems We Solve

Account Takeover (ATO)

Attackers target authentication flows to access user accounts using compromised credentials from password lists and breach data dumps.

We prevent ATO attacks by instrumenting and observing key authentication transactions and stopping attackers seeking to verify valid credentials and to take over accounts.

API Abuse

Attackers target your sensitive APIs by attempting to validate stolen credit cards, perform e-commerce gift card fraud, or obtain patient healthcare records. We enable customers to stop API abuse by enabling them to monitor for unexpected values and parameters submitted to API endpoints and block unauthorized requests.

Malicious bots

Bots perform content scraping, tie up system resources, perform account brute forcing, and other harmful actions. Leveraging signals that detect these behavior patterns, our web protection technology empowers customers to classify bot traffic and identify the bad and benign. Customers can respond to bot traffic based on app-specific needs and at the same time analyze bot impact on app performance and security.

Partner API Misuse

Enabling partner access to your APIs is critical to your business, but partners can accidentally overwhelm API endpoints, consuming excessive resources and incurring unintended costs. To detect and prevent partner API misuse, our customers can easily monitor traffic thresholds and, when necessary, block  partners’ API request volumes that exceed defined thresholds over any timeframe.

Abusive, Disallowed Traffic Sources

Bad actors use Tor nodes to access applications from sanctioned nations or geographies where the customer does not do business, or attempt to perform transactions from countries blocked due to regulatory compliance restrictions. Our web app protection technology enables customers to block requests from IP addresses known to be the source of malicious traffic. Customers can also easily geo-block request traffic.

Application Denial of Service

Attackers target endpoints to generate high system costs such as database queries, search pagination, data exports, and more. Our rate limiting features empower customers to prevent attacks that seek to make web sites and APIs unavailable. We also empower them to easily create app-specific rate limiting rules that prevent abusive web requests that could result in an app being unreachable.

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