HTTP/3, the newest evolution of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol,  and QUIC, the new, always-encrypted transport protocol, are now supported by Fastly’s edge cloud platform. Together, these foundational standards improve our network from the inside out and help you deliver excellent digital experiences all over the world.

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Performance, security, and flexibility for the modern web.

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QUIC allows web traffic to flow faster because it’s designed to avoid head-of-line blocking and offers a low-latency handshake that significantly reduces rebuffering. These innovations modernize the internet and improve digital experiences for all users, but especially for mobile users and those around the globe with less-than-reliable internet service.

QUIC and HTTP/3 Better Experience

Secure more with built-in encryption.

TLS 1.3 — the latest version of the Transport Layer Security protocol — is built directly into QUIC. This design more effectively secures headers and metadata from third parties, ensuring more private, trustworthy connections than ever before.

QUIC and HTTP/3 Encryption

Integrate deeper to innovate faster.

Because QUIC runs in userspace, it integrates seamlessly with Fastly’s tooling, tracing, and logging infrastructure. This makes it easier for developers to run and learn from experiments, enabling more rapid deployment and evolution of sites and apps.

QUIC and HTTP/3 integrate faster

Get the most out of HTTP/3 and QUIC.

The benefits of HTTP/3 and QUIC are most evident for businesses that rely heavily on mobile users, or have customers in parts of the world with unreliable internet connections. Performance enhancements are greatest for companies in the following industries:

  • Gaming

  • Streaming media

  • VoIP and video conferencing

  • Saas and Paas

Fastly can help you enable HTTP/3 and QUIC within our edge cloud platform. Contact an expert to learn more about HTTP/3 and QUIC and if you’re already a Fastly customer, reach out to your support team to have them enable HTTP/3 and QUIC for you.

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quic 5 streaming media

Streaming media

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VoIP and video conferencing

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SaaS and PaaS

QUIC and HTTP/3 The building blocks

The building blocks of a protocol

HTTP/3 and QUIC were designed with the future in mind — more responsive, secure, and flexible than the standards that came before it. Here are just a few design features that enable the protocol to modernize the web:

  • Built on top of UDP to solve for head-of-line blocking.

  • Incorporates TLS 1.3 for shorter handshakes, lower latency and rebuffering, and always-on encryption.

  • Runs within userspace and built with open standards to allow for future evolution.

The minds behind HTTP/3 and QUIC

Fastly engineers have been part of the team designing QUIC for the better part of a decade, giving us a unique view of the immense value QUIC brings to our customers, and the internet at large. Dig into the details with blog posts and talks straight from the minds of some of QUIC’s creators.

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HTTP/3 and QUIC are now available on our edge cloud platform. Connect with our team to learn more.

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