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Web browsers, web servers, and other critical pieces of web infrastructure are getting support with the new standard HTTP/3 over QUIC. This is the modern version of HTTP, which web browsers use to communicate with web servers and send data back and forth.

Performance, security, and flexibility for the modern web.

The benefits of HTTP/3 and QUIC are most evident for businesses that rely heavily on mobile users, or have customers in parts of the world with spotty internet connections.

Deliver a better experience globally

Web traffic flows faster because it’s designed to avoid head-of-line blocking and offers a low-latency handshake that significantly reduces rebuffering.

Secure more with built-in encryption.

TLS 1.3 — the latest version of the Transport Layer Security protocol — is built directly into QUIC. This design more effectively secures headers and metadata from third parties, ensuring more private, trustworthy connections than ever before.

Integrate deeper to innovate faster.

Because QUIC runs in userspace, it integrates seamlessly with Fastly’s tooling, tracing, and logging infrastructure. This makes it easier for developers to run and learn from experiments, enabling more rapid deployment and evolution of sites and apps.

74% of browsers already support HTTP/3 and here at Loveholidays we like to be on the cutting edge so when our CDN partner Fastly enabled it we decided to give it a go. Loveholidays is 18% faster with HTTP/3.
David Annez
Head of Engineering


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Loveholidays improves performance

Loveholidays P75 time to first byte has improved by 18% for all clients with HTTP/3 enabled


QUIC is now RFC 9000

QUIC is a new latency-reducing, reliable, and secure internet transport protocol that is slated to replace TCP, the most commonly used transport today


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