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In Q2, we added several new offerings and expanded our network. We introduced Fastly Quick Value packages, rolled out a new dashboard for WAF, added image montage functionality to our Image Optimizer, and made several user management enhancements. We also brought our total global number of Fastly POPs to 51 along with 22 Tbps of connected network capacity. Read on to learn what we’ve been up to last quarter.

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POP additions and enhancements: 51 global POPs

In North America, we upgraded our Denver (DEN) POP, and doubled the size of our Chicago (MDW) POP. In Europe we upgraded Stockholm (BMA) and Paris (CDG) POPs to our newest 25/100GE architecture, providing a significant increase in available capacity in the region. We launched a POP in Buenos Aires, Argentina (EZE) to complement our 2018 Q1 deployment in Santiago, Chile (SCL). Finally, we redeployed our Wellington (WLG) POP to support growing traffic at the edge of the earth.

Q2 2018 network map

Network capacity update

We added network capacity at our recently deployed pops in Santiago (SCL), Mumbai (BOM), and Chennai (MAA) to support rapid customer growth in those markets. Total connected edge capacity now exceeds 22 Tbps.

At the end of Q2, Fastly is present at 59 Internet Exchange Points (IXPs). We joined the following new IXPs this past quarter:

  • Any2 in Denver (DEN)

  • JPNAP in Tokyo (HND)

  • JPNAP in Osaka (ITM)

  • MegaIX in Perth (PER)

  • Telx Internet Exchange in Atlanta (ATL)

Internet service providers (ISPs), enterprises, and cloud service providers (CSPs) can interconnect with Fastly directly at these IXPs to reduce network hops over the Internet (see https://www.fastly.com/peering for more information). This enables low latency and highly performant connections to Fastly’s edge cloud.

Introducing Fastly Quick Value Packages

We’re happy to announce the launch of our [Quick Value Packages](https://www.fastly.com/support/quick-value-packages) —- expert consulting offerings that help speed up the time to value on your edge computing effort. These offerings complement Fastly’s existing edge cloud features, optimizing performance, improving security, and providing real-time metrics for applications at the edge. The Packages help you deliver on the promise of edge computing, while freeing up scarce IT and engineering resources to innovate. This past quarter, we introduced the following:

  • WAF Management Package: Let our expert security analysts analyze and fine-tune your WAF, freeing up your scarce security resources to focus on other areas. We’ll help you maintain business continuity by keeping your web and mobile apps constantly available, while avoiding financial and/or reputational damage associated with a potential security breach.

  • Logging Insights Package: Gain actionable intelligence that can be used to diagnose and troubleshoot issues in near real time for optimal performance and user experience of your app, website, or service. Our expert consultants will implement a guided customization of preconfigured dashboards tailored to your specific business goals.

  • Performance Optimization Package: Eliminate the time commitment and resource requirements associated with assessing your site to identify opportunities for performance improvements. Our experienced consultants will analyze your unique attributes and identify tuning opportunities so you know your site or service is living up to its full potential and delighting your customers.

WAF dashboard UI in Limited Availability

Our [WAF dashboard UI](https://docs.fastly.com/guides/web-application-firewall/about-the-fastly-waf-dashboard) is now in LA. The dashboard allows you to monitor the Fastly WAF deployed within your Fastly service. You can use the information in the Fastly WAF dashboard to determine whether or not the WAF is active, see how many requests the WAF is currently processing, and review recent configuration changes. The Fastly WAF dashboard consists of the following pages:

  • WAF summary displays the status of your WAF. The Status section indicates whether the WAF is currently active and shows the total number of active rules. The Requests graph displays how many requests are served from cache and how many requests are processed by the WAF.

  • Audit history displays a WAF audit log with all configuration changes made to your WAF. You can use this page to determine who made certain types of configuration changes to the WAF, and when the changes were made.

  • All WAF services shows which of your services have WAFs, which WAFs are enabled, how many rules are enabled and disabled per WAF, and which configuration sets the WAFs are using.

WAF audit history to summar 568px 3fps

Image montage functionality

We’ve added [image montage](https://docs.fastly.com/api/imageopto/montage.html) functionality to our Image Optimizer, which allows you to create a collage of images in one request. This is especially useful for our media and publisher customers that have image collages, such as album covers, on their site. We currently support a variety of image parameters and eleven template layouts (with a maximum of four images).

IO montage

User management enhancements

We’ve added [single sign-on (SSO)](https://docs.fastly.com/guides/user-access-and-control/setting-up-single-sign-on-sso) for all customers, providing a way to login to the Fastly Control Panel via a third party identity provider using SAML 2.0 rather than via an email address and password. We’ve also added fuzzy search functionality to both the user management page and the access controls page for granting service permissions. Fuzzy search returns results that are relevant to a search argument even when the argument is not an exact match. This has made it much easier to find and manage users, and take advantage of our granular [service level access controls](https://docs.fastly.com/guides/user-access-and-control/configuring-user-roles-and-permissions.html) feature set.

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