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We’re heading into summer with some of our hottest releases yet! This quarter, Network Services introduced a range of new features aimed at boosting your web performance and fortifying your security. Among these enhancements are the Image Optimizer Metadata Passthrough GA, Mutual TLS GA, and OHTTP Relay GA. On the Compute front, we're thrilled to offer increased flexibility with the introduction of new storage and support options, including Config Store GA, KV Store LA, and WebSockets GA support. Our Security team has been hard at work rolling out updates that empower you to combat volumetric attacks and classify response codes through Edge Rate Limiting GA and Custom Response Code Expansion GA. In the realm of Observability, we're delighted to unveil the Compute@Edge Log-Tail user interface LA, offering enhanced insights into your data, along with the Edge Observer public beta now available to all customers. Check out the full list of releases below!

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Network Services




Network Services

Image Optimizer Metadata Passthrough GA

Image Optimizer Metadata Passthrough allows specific copyright metadata embedded in the source image to be preserved in the image output transformed by Image Optimizer.

Mutual TLS GA

Mutual TLS (mTLS) takes an extra step to safeguard your sensitive data and ensure secure interactions between clients and servers. mTLS provides two-way authentication, establishing a trusted connection by requiring both the client and server to present valid digital certificates. This mutual verification process prevents unauthorized access, mitigates the risk of man-in-the-middle attacks, and ensures the integrity of your data.


OHTTP Relay is a Privacy Enablement service that helps you build a privacy-preserving service that communicates with your API without sharing customer PII (headers like User-Agent and IP addresses).

WebSockets GA

WebSockets are now supported by Fastly Compute and Delivery products. WebSockets provide customers with the ability to open a two-way interactive communication session between the end user's browser and the origin server.

TLS Dashboard GA

The TLS dashboard provides a single view into the overall health of all managed or bring-your-own TLS certificate configurations to quickly identify problems and resolve issues and filter to specific domains of interest.

Image Optimization Self-Service Enablement GA

Use the Fastly App (UI), API and Terraform to instantly enable, disable and configure Image Optimizer on a single Fastly service to more easily scale and reduce operational complexity.

Certainly LA

Certainly provides domain validated TLS certificates that are fully automated in our Fastly managed TLS services. It optimizes your certificate lifecycle management processes, resulting in faster issuance, easier renewal procedures, and enhanced automation.


Config Store GA

Config Store is a high-performance edge storage solution that allows developers to make environment variables, redirect lists, and other configuration data available to their edge logic. Use the Config store to easily change configuration data in a K/V dictionary resource and have immediate access to critical decision making information as soon as a customer request is received.

Dynamic Backends GA

Dynamic Backends is a new Compute@Edge feature which enables applications to dynamically create new backend server definitions without having to deploy a new version of their Fastly Service. These backends function exactly the same as existing backends, and can be configured in all the same ways as existing backends can via the Fastly Service configuration.

Core Cache API GA

Core Cache API exposes the raw power of the core API primitives for developers building on Compute@Edge and provides programmatic access to our powerful global cache network.

Origin Inspector on Compute@Edge GA

Origin Inspector provides customers with a dataset and visualizations to report on their origin data via the Fastly Edge Cloud in both real-time and historic time spans. With this release, Compute customers can understand per origin metrics with just a few clicks using the Fastly UI and take advantage of all the Origin Inspector benefits previously only offered to Delivery customers.

KV Store LA

KV Store is a key-value store that provides high performance reads and writes across Fastly’s network to enable more powerful edge applications. KV Store provides developers with the ability to store, control, or cache their data at the edge instead of having to go back to the central cloud. This results in faster end user interactions, reduced storage and egress costs, and increased fault tolerance.


Linux Arm Agent GA

Arm Agent now supports the most popular Linux distributions (Alpine, Ubuntu, Debian, CentOS, Red Hat Enterprise) and we have an Arm-compatible Module for NGINX.

Custom Response Code Expansion GA

Custom response codes can now be used to update the default blocking HTTP code for an entire site, which brings a unified response for all requests that are blocked. The Next-Gen WAF now also supports 301/302 redirects allowing a customer to redirect blocked requests to a customer-controlled branded page, which can include the request id of the client who was blocked.

Edge Rate Limiting GA

Edge Rate limiting is a way to control the rate at which traffic flows through the Fastly Edge to your network. With the release comes Terraform and CLI support.

Edge Deployment - Premier GA

Fastly's Premier Security package can now be deployed at the edge. Take advantage of performance and computing benefits while enabling our highest level of security.


Compute@Edge Log-Tailing User Interface (UI) LA

Compute@Edge Log-Tailing UI combines access to logs and debug information within the same interface as metrics, alerts, and custom dashboards for ad-hoc debugging of edge applications during development stages.

Edge Observer Public Beta

Edge Observer is the entry point and front-end interface for our Observability products. Edge Observer allows you to analyze all your edge delivery metrics and observability data within a unified experience and single pane of glass. View real-time and historical data, compare and contrast metrics by building a custom dashboard, share dashboards with a colleague, or use the C@E log tailing interface to view a live log tail of your compute logs.

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