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Bots are a pervasive internet presence that range from benign to mildly intrusive to malicious and highly damaging. With almost half of internet traffic coming from bots, organizations are challenged with differentiating between legitimate users, malicious attackers, or benign/good bots. This challenge is operationally expensive and strains IT and security teams.

The market offers numerous bot mitigation solutions, but many struggle with efficiency, complexity, and adaptability. This often translates to a frustrating, high-friction experience. Fastly Bot Management was designed to address these challenges, offering a streamlined, user-friendly experience to ensure your applications stay safe from threats like account takeover, credential stuffing, and credit card fraud while keeping your business thriving uninterrupted. Rapid decisioning on our edge network and an intuitive user experience enable you to confidently respond to bot traffic without disrupting your development cycle, waiting on AI/ML tuning, or creating additional toil.


  • Enhance application security and reduce security risk

  • Improve developer productivity and accelerate time-to-value

  • Reduce operational costs associated with inefficient bot mitigation

  • Gain deeper insights into bot traffic and identify emerging threats

  • Simplify application security management with a centralized platform

A Modern Approach To Bot Management




Detect and classify bots through server-side data streams.

Traffic patterns

Request payload

Client fingerprinting 

IP Addresses

Create customized bot responses with our intuitive rule builder.

Passive and interactive client challenges 


Rate Limiting

View bot traffic, tailor dashboards and generate reports.

Track bot trends

Identify threats

Visualize attack traffic

Key Features

Intelligent Bot Detection

Analyze traffic patterns, device fingerprints, IP addresses, and other relevant parameters to efficiently distinguish between legitimate and malicious bots.

Comprehensive Bot Mitigation

Multi-layered approach combining proactive measures like CAPTCHA challenges, JavaScript challenges, and client fingerprinting with customizable rule sets, rate limiting, and IP blocking.

Real-Time Visibility

Continuous monitoring of your web traffic with real-time insights into bot activities and potential vulnerabilities. Intuitive dashboards displays comprehensive analytics and reports, enabling you to track bot trends, identify emerging threats, and fine-tune your security settings accordingly.

Customizable Policies

Customize your bot management policies to align with your business needs. From defining allowlists and blocklists to creating custom rules based on user behavior, Fastly Bot Management has the flexibility to accommodate your organization's security objectives.

Seamless Integrations

Built for the modern web, Fastly Bot Management seamlessly integrates with your existing infrastructure, whether it's a website, API, or mobile application. With the widest support of platforms and programming languages, you can effortlessly integrate Fastly Bot Management into your technology stack without disrupting your development workflow.

Scalable for Rapid Growth

Effortless scalability accommodates high-traffic websites and applications, ensuring optimal performance even during peak usage periods. Cloud-based infrastructure provides reliability and availability, guaranteeing uninterrupted protection against bots.

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Fastly Bot Management operates at the network edge to protect your infrastructure and your users

Common Use Cases

  • Account Takeover

  • Credit Card Fraud

  • DDOS

  • Vulnerability Scanning

  • Account Creation Abuse

  • Form Spam

The Fastly Advantage

Fastly Bot Management builds upon the accuracy, ease of use, and flexibility of our Next-Gen WAF and the scalability and performance of our global edge cloud network for deeper bot visibility and robust mitigation capabilities. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • One Platform: As part of the Fastly Edge Cloud Platform, Bot Management deploys natively. Instant availability and no additional software deployment required to configure, manage, or maintain. Manage everything from a single interface to streamline processes and reduce data silos. This simplifies administration, reporting, and user management compared to juggling multiple-point solutions.

  • Performant: Fastly Bot Management operates at the network edge, minimizing latency and protecting your application and APIs from malicious traffic. This translates to a smoother end-user experience and reduced operational costs. Our unique signals-based technology, powered by the continuously updated threat intelligence of our Network Learning Exchange (NLX), delivers faster and more accurate bot blocking compared to traditional, regex methods. Think of it as set it and forget it - Fastly Bot Management constantly adapts to the latest bot threats.

  • Simple: Fastly Bot Management doesn't sacrifice effectiveness for ease of use. Our intuitive interface requires minimal configuration, yet offers powerful and flexible controls. We believe in a low-maintenance approach. Bot attacks are a constant threat, and you shouldn't have to constantly tweak complex configurations, edit regex, or spend time in learning mode to maintain protection.

  • Developer-friendly: Fastly prioritizes a developer-friendly experience with a focus on ease and flexibility. This translates to intuitive server-side controls, with the option for deeper customization if needed, programmable APIs, DevOps integrations with your favorite tools, custom code through VCL, and more. Our rapid decision-making capabilities allow you to confidently respond to bot threats without disrupting development cycles or requiring extensive AI/ML tuning.

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