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Deliver uninterrupted experiences with a better CDN

Fastly’s edge cloud platform helps digital publishers and user-generated content platforms — like Condé Nast, the New York Times, and Gannett — enabling them to publish content in real-time and improve the reader experience by delivering high performance, secure digital experiences at scale.

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Implement an edge cloud strategy for digital publishing

While digital publishing offers opportunities for creators and publishers to share their content with global audiences, it also presents challenges that require careful navigation and strategic planning. Check out our new Industry Report for Digital Publishers and start thinking about how to solve the challenges facing the industry today.

Digital publishing
Publish with an edge

Consistently fast, engaging experiences

Create better visitor experiences by instantly and programmatically caching content at the edge. Enhance performance and scalability by serving dynamic content — from the latest weather and sports scores to late-breaking news. Increase reader engagement with tailored content based on variables such as your reader’s location, device, and more.

Keep it Secure

Confidently mitigate online attacks with built-in security

Get the protection and control you need without sacrificing performance. Our Next-Gen WAF lets you implement advanced bot protection at the edge to eliminate excessive abuse and misuse of application resources that power fraudulent activity, such as account takeover or application DDoS. Effectively detect and block malicious traffic without rules optimization.

Gannett | USA TODAY Network improved worldwide response times by 25-30% with Fastly
Digital publishing

"Since leveraging Fastly, we've become a very edge-first organization. Our developers can work on a product, and the SRE team can quickly take that product to the live production environment and end users."

Bilal Fazal

Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Team Manager

Empower your editors

Breaking news just got faster

Give back control to your editors and let them publish, edit and invalidate content in real-time, in turn securing readers, trust and ad revenue. Further, it gives you best odds for prominent placement with news aggregators. The API-first approach secures easy integration with both new and existing content management systems.

Serve every visitor

Scale to millions of concurrent readers

Breaking news can present a serious challenge to any publisher. When demand for your content experiences explosive growth, Fastly’s edge platform automatically scales to make sure no reader is turned away. We even enable you to serve stale content, should your origin experience a brief outage.

20% improvement in time to first byte around the world
Streaming Media

"We couldn't gain the confidence of our editorial team to place a CDN in front of our website unless we could clear content from the cache instantly. If breaking news happens and it isn't on our site within seconds, visitors will go elsewhere. With Fastly, updates are reflected on our site pages within milliseconds and we've seen a 20% improvement in time to first byte around the world."

Matthew O'Brien

Software Architect

Empowering developers to unleash innovation!

Patterns for authentication at the edge

Identity is a boring, but necessary element of most website builds. Validating a user’s identity and access rights is something that is in the critical performance path, required site-wide, and often implemented in a bespoke way. Moving it to the edge improves performance, and can simplify your application architecture.

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A/B testing

With near real-time logs and instant configuration changes, gain the confidence to test different article content with different readers without having to manage multiple URLs or forfeit SEO benefits.

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