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Technology that empowers real-time journalism. Fastly’s edge cloud platform helps digital publishers and user-generated content platforms — like Condé Nast, the New York Times, Gannett, and Pinterest — enabling them to report in real-time and improve the reader experience by delivering high performance, secure digital experiences at scale.

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277 Tbps

Connected Global Capacity

As of September 30, 2022


Publish breaking news faster around the globe.

Fastly’s responsive edge cloud platform lets editors edit, publish and invalidate content in near real time. Our API-first approach allows us to integrate with custom content management systems (CMS) or popular solutions such as Wordpress and Drupal.

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Create better visitor experiences by instantly and programmatically caching content at the edge.

You’re able to enhance performance and scalability by serving dynamic content at the edge — from the latest weather and sports scores to late-breaking news. With our ability to instantly and programmatically invalidate content, you can confidentially cache your entire homepage giving reader experiences that amaze. This will also save on delivery costs by minimizing the number of trips to your origin.

Faster page load time drives engagement for nearly 2 million daily viewers

The Financial Times dev team found that by making the site one second faster, engagement was increased by 5% — leading to the powerful conclusion that a single second of speed is worth millions of dollars to the Financial Times.

Our hypothesis was that the new website was faster and therefore would drive engagement, because basically people were spending less time looking at a buffer wheel and more time looking at our content. That turned out to be true.

Cait O’Riordan

CIO/CPO, Financial Times

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Deliver tailored visitor experiences on any device, with a fully programmable platform.

Increase reader engagement with tailored content based on variables such as your reader’s location, connection, and language. Save on delivery cost, and optimize workflows by formatting content in real time based on device type, screen size, geography, and more.

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serve pixel perfect images

Serve pixel-perfect, bandwidth-efficient images on the fly.

Instantly scale to support traffic surges associated with the growing demand for online shopping, flash sales or holiday events. Enable a waiting room if your origin becomes overloaded during peak traffic events, giving priority to active buyers.

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video streams in an instant

Scale to millions of concurrent video streams in an instant.

Fastly’s platform scales to exceed visitors’ expectations for responsive digital experiences, even high-demand video content. Content can be cached close to readers, eliminating the need for fetching from origin. Fastly’s on-the-fly-packager delivers a faster overall viewing experience by instantly transmuxing and resizing content, and since we package only the requested portion, playback is immediate.

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Confidently handle traffic spikes, with built-in security.

Whether you’re seeing a traffic spike from a popular breaking story, a viral video, or a potential DDoS attack, you want to keep your site available and performant. Fastly’s high-bandwidth, globally distributed network instantly scales to multiple terabits per second (Tbps). Our entire network acts as a DDoS scrubbing center, filtering out malicious traffic at the edge so you don’t sacrifice performance for protection. Respond in near real time, filtering malicious requests before they get near your origin.

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Quickly identify performance issues with real-time log streaming

Continuously monitor your digital health with access to real-time logs. Gain insights into reader engagement levels, request response times, origin failures, and much more. Flowing to a logging endpoint of your choice, these instantly available and actionable insights will empower you to quickly identify and resolve issues and will provide valuable insight to optimize your delivery.

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Gannett uses Fastly to publish breaking news instantly to ensure top rankings in news apps

Before Fastly, Gannett’s content delivery solution took anywhere from 45 to 90 seconds to push content live around the globe, which left plenty of time for another publisher to break the story first.

In early 2020, USA Today ranked fastest in a SpeedCurve test against all major U.S. news sites, reaching Largest Contentful Paint, the time elapsed before the largest content element is visible, in 0.48 seconds, and Visually Complete, when all elements visible on a web page are 100% loaded, in under four seconds.

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95% CSAT


Partner with a team who puts your success first.

With a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%* for the past three years running, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers. Fastly’s world-class support includes help via chat with Fastly engineers, in-depth tech documentation, solutions packages, Live Event Monitoring and more.

*as of June 30, 2020

Introducing Developer Hub

Fastly was built by developers for developers. Our powerful edge cloud network empowers teams to solve critical business problems through agile software development. You can get hands-on with our technology today at our Developer Hub — where you’ll find our developer tools, world-class documentation, and critical assets to help you get started.