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In the competitive ecommerce space, brands must understand the value of delivering superior customer experiences. Drive revenue and retain customers with Fastly's cutting-edge solutions to keep your site and apps secure, fast, and high-performing.

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Performance, Security, and Compute - all on one platform

Fastly’s e-commerce platform is built on modern internet architecture to bring speed, scale, and reliability. Unite critical infrastructure to extend visibility and gain comprehensive control -- all while lowering security risks. Our modern network is designed to give you a competitive edge so that you can deliver experiences that are fast, engaging, and secure.

Try a WAF that actually works

Protect your brand, assets, and bottom line

Implement bot protection and anti-automation at the edge to eliminate excessive abuse and misuse of application resources that power fraudulent activity, such as account takeover or application DDoS. Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF effectively detects and blocks malicious traffic without rules optimization, freeing up your Security resources

Delivering Ticketmaster at the edge, at half the cost of legacy CDN

"We'd been deeply embedded with our legacy CDN provider for effectively two decades and we took that whole kit and caboodle and migrated it over to Fastly in less than three months."

Todd Jimenez

Lead CDN Engineer

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Get an edge cloud strategy for ecommerce

Ecommerce can be hard to optimize with performance bottlenecks, security concerns that prevent innovation, and bots never take a break. An edge cloud strategy can make a difference. Check out the new Industry Report for Ecommerce, and start thinking about the solutions to your problems.

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Improve site and application performance

Slow site performance can be a killer for your brand's bottom line. Fastly’s Image Optimizer is an included and automated edge service that can personalize content based on multiple criteria to help achieve better performance, faster load times, cost savings, and productivity improvements.

Priceline stays safe, secure, fast and reliable with Fastly
Travel and hospitality

“Fastly has helped us solve a lot of problems from security vulnerabilities, DDoS mitigation, bot mitigation, cookie management, traffic management, and it's been really important and helpful in allowing us to migrate to the cloud.”

Will Homes

Vice President of Technology

Win with Ecommerce edge

Before you finish reading this sentence, you will have already formulated an opinion about our company. The same is true for potential customers on your ecommerce site. To win their business, you must deliver a superior experience — fast. This begins with superior content delivery.

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Guide to the Modern CDN

What if your config change was live in the time it took you to read this? Or you could spot performance and security issues in time to do something about them? These are the differences a modern CDN makes.

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Every purchase option includes a comprehensive suite of Fastly features, empowering you to create extraordinary digital experiences and achieve your business objectives with unmatched speed and confidence.

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