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Fastly helps ecommerce companies innovate faster. You can purge rapidly changing content like inventory or pricing within 150 milliseconds, so shoppers always see the most updated content. Our network caches more at the edge, reducing hits on your origin during high-traffic events, and improving shopping experiences across web and mobile.

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Why Fastly for Ecommerce

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Reduce page load time by accelerating dynamic content and caching customized content.

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Update content in real time to instantly reflect pricing and inventory changes worldwide.

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Provide an interactive store experience regardless of traffic spikes or origin failure.

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Serve personalized content based on visitor request criteria, such as location and device type.

Edge compute technology

Enhance your existing ecommerce stack with new features that drive rapid innovation.

Fastly moves data and applications as close to your end users as possible, so you can deliver fast, personalized experiences to your customers. Our technology comes with built-in edge capabilities to drive your own innovation, and highly customizable features that offer more control and flexibility. Learn more

Edge features

With preconfigured features built to perform custom logic at the network edge, you can tailor how your content is served and provide a better shopping experience for your customers. Enjoy popular ecommerce edge features like:


Serve tailored content to shoppers based on virtual boundaries (or geo-fencing) that let you identify user location on a granular level, and direct traffic accordingly.

Device detection

Create the best possible experience for your customers by detecting mobile device data, including details like brand and OS version, and delivering device-optimized content.

ESI (Edge side includes)

Accelerate site performance by serving cacheable content, and only sending requests for “uncacheable” content — such as the shopping cart — back to origin.

Use cases

Solve business problems by leveraging our edge compute features and capabilities. You can create your own solutions, or work with Fastly to develop something more customized at the edge. Overcome common problems like:

A/B testing

Test new page layouts and curate shopping experiences by caching different variants for the same URL at the edge, which preserves SEO rankings without needing separate URLs.

Content targeting

Leverage powerful customer information embedded in every request — like a user’s location, language, and more — so you can strategically tailor and personalize content served from the edge.

Visitor prioritization

Give priority to active buyers, while directing casual shoppers to a waiting room if your site becomes overloaded during peak traffic events.

PCI Compliant Platform

Fastly is a certified Level 1 Service Provider, compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). We use the power of our edge architecture and fine-grained controls to cache sensitive content in a compliant manner.

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Ecommerce Integrations

Fastly supports the development of open source integrations for leading ecommerce platforms, enabling customers to seamlessly manage Fastly from within their existing environment.