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Fastly Onboarding Packages for Network Services

Choose from one of our four onboarding packages depending on the complexity of your deployment and resource needs.

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Fastly Onboarding

Accelerated onboarding

Expedite your onboarding and boost performance with Fastly’s Onboarding Packages. Take advantage of our extensive in-house expertise to get the most out of your Fastly deployment.

Faster time to value

Offload the configuration and implementation phase of onboarding to our team of experts. We’ll get you up and running in record time, so you can immediately experience the benefits of being on our powerful platform.

Technical expertise

Our highly experienced team handles onboarding with ease, whether you have a simple or a highly complex configuration. Experts will guide you through the best way to stand up your service based on your current tech stack.

Ongoing partnership

Our partnership with you doesn’t end at onboarding. If you choose to purchase additional Professional Services hours after onboarding, we make the same experts available to you so they are already familiar with your tech stack.

Complete Onboarding

If you don’t have the time or resources in house, our Complete Onboarding package is ideal for you. Fastly experts take care of all your onboarding needs with regular check-ins, custom VCL logic, and even consultation for Compute services.

Lite Onboarding

If you want to onboard yourself, you can opt for the Lite Onboarding Package. We will kick off your onboarding, provide training, and check in periodically while leaving the rest up to you.

Select Onboarding

Select Onboarding includes a selection of the services offered in our Lite Onboarding Package. Plus, it includes a dedicated Slack channel for quick communication as well as assistance with observability dashboards, Fastly Image Optimizer, TLS, and custom VCL.

Custom Onboarding

Custom Onboarding includes all the services under the Complete Onboarding Package as well as the option to work with our teams on a project plan for setting up your enterprise services.

Onboarding Features

Check out some of the features available in our onboarding packages

Spin up multiple services

Onboard up to 10 or 20 services or set up as many services as you need with our Custom Onboarding Package.

Image Optimizer enablement

Turn on Image Optimizer for your website and applications to see immediate performance improvement directly following your go-live.

Observability dashboards

Real-time insights are readily available for all of our delivery customers. If you would like a custom dashboard to monitor your performance as soon as you go live, we can set that up for you too.

Clear channel for communication

Our customers rave about their dedicated Slack channels for quick communication with Fastly’s support team. Fastly expertise is just a ping away.