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Fastly for Ecommerce

Fastly helps the most confident online retail companies — like Ticketmaster, and Etsy — exceed customer expectations by delivering high performance, secure digital experiences at scale.

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Deliver fast, personalized experiences at scale by moving logic to the edge.

Instantly tailor content served based on a customer’s location, buying history, or language preference. Optimize images in near real time based on a shopper’s device type, browser, location or Internet connection.

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Serve pixel-perfect, bandwidth-efficient images on the fly.

Simplify image delivery workflows while improving the experience for your shoppers. When you offload image transformation to the edge, you’ll see a decrease in the latency associated with transforming and delivering images. Just store one version of each image and we’ll transform, serve, and cache an optimized version on-demand, eliminating the burden on your infrastructure.

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Access real-time streaming logs for actionable insights into customer engagement, traffic trends and API delivery status.

Feed data into the logging endpoint of your choice for ongoing data analytics. Monitor activity across your website and mobile apps and make instant updates to optimize your omnichannel shopping experience.

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Accelerate API traffic to enhance shoppers’ experiences.

Even with fluctuating inventory levels or sudden pricing changes, Fastly optimizes your API performance by efficiently handling traffic bursts and reducing latency. Save on costs by caching API responses at the edge, for fewer trips to origins and less dependence on costly API gateways.

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Avoid capacity constraints or bottlenecks with built-in routing and load balancing.

Instantly scale to support traffic surges associated with the growing demand for online shopping, flash sales or holiday events. Enable a waiting room if your origin becomes overloaded during peak traffic events, giving priority to active buyers.


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Secure customer data and transactions without impacting performance.

With DDoS, WAF, and bot protection fully integrated into Fastly’s PCI-DSS compliant platform, you gain real-time visibility into potential threats and can push out new security rules globally in seconds. Plus, you can authenticate shoppers faster by terminating TLS connections at the edge.

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95% CSAT


Partner with a team who puts your success first.

With a customer satisfaction rating (CSAT) of over 95%* for the past three years running, we pride ourselves on our relationship with our customers. Fastly’s world-class support includes help via chat with Fastly engineers, in-depth tech documentation, solutions packages, Live Event Monitoring and more.

*as of June 30, 2020

Introducing Developer Hub

Fastly was built by developers for developers. Our powerful edge cloud network empowers teams to solve critical business problems through agile software development. You can get hands-on with our technology today at our Developer Hub — where you’ll find our developer tools, world-class documentation, and critical assets to help you get started.

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