Altitude NYC 2019 | Highlights

A look at Fastly's Altitude NYC 2019 and what made it such a valuable event for developers and technology leaders.

Denise McCoy (00:10):

Thank you for coming to Altitude at Fastly.

Artur Bergman (00:13):

We have a lot of new features. We have reached new levels of traffic. We have larger servers, more storage, more networking. It's been extremely fun this year.

Varaprasad A. (00:24):

Altitude is a mix of things where you have learning, you have fun, you have social networking, talking to other people, and understand what they're doing, how they're doing it.

Kimmie Nguyen (00:33):

Many of our customers have collaborated, iterated, and helped us build really amazing products. We are a platform built by developers, for developers. We have a philosophy of being customer first and problem-focused.

Stefan Chlanda (00:47):

I really like Altitude. I think that they want to build a conference that they themselves would want to attend it. I always am impressed with the technical breadth.

Lisa Crenshaw (00:53):

This is an introduction to the Fastly app toolkit. Three ways to build logic into your service.

Rogier Mulhuijzen (00:59):

This is the advanced VCL workshop. We're talking about service chaining and restarts today.

Denise McCoy (01:04):

War games: defending against OWASP top 10 security risks.

Andrew Betts (01:08):

My job is to make it easier for developers to use Fastly.

Lydell Newby (01:11):

Fastly has a lot of very smart, funny, interesting people doing the workshops, and the information is easy to digest, and very easy to reuse outside of the conference, in real-life production scenarios.

Valentine Eben (01:22):

Fastly really hits it out of the pack, in terms of the cutting edge new stuff that they do is amazing.

Ross Paul (01:27):

It's really an opportunity to talk to other people who are using Fastly. A way to educate myself on how other companies are leveraging the unique capabilities.

Davy Stevenson (01:36):

We want Fastly services to be easily reproduced. We want them to be consistent. We want to know exactly what state they're in, and we want the state to be what we want them to be.

Anthony Johnson (01:44):

Something like 20% of the company of the engineering group is here. They've put a lot of effort and time into making sure that they could show up to this. For them, it was an opportunity to talk to other people as much in the trenches as they are, and just have two days to make sure that they know every single possible feature.

Joe Cabrera (02:00):

If you're not using Fastly, you should start using it. If you are already using it, then this is a great conference to learn more about how you could use Fastly and all its new features that are coming out in your infrastructure.