Low Latency Live Streaming using CMAF video

Improve your end users' playback experience in a CMAF low-latency workflow using Fastly, Bitmovin, and Anevia.

Watch the webinar recording to see how Fastly’s edge cloud is designed to improve end user’s playback experience and reduce overall total cost of ownership for operating a live streaming distributing service. We also cover how Fastly can support low-latency live streaming workflow with Common Media Application Format (CMAF) when combined with industry leading products & solutions from Bitmovin (video player) and Anevia (live transcoding) to improve or meet broadcast latency for live sporting events and other use cases.

Watch the webinar to learn:

  • History and background on how and where latency is introduced in live streaming

  • How Fastly, Bitmovin, and Anevia have addressed challenges with low latency streaming in their products & solutions

  • Best practices, tips, and recommendations to reduce latency

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