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Expanding our presence in Japan: Partnership and a new POP

This week, I’m in Tokyo to attend SoftBank World 2015. Today I had the honor of sharing the stage with Ken Miyauchi, President & CEO of SoftBank Corp., to make a few announcements about Fastly’s expanding presence in Japan.

  • We’ve partnered with SoftBank Corp. to offer our real-time content delivery network to Japanese companies. The partnership means that SoftBank will help us expand our customer base in the region, with CDN implementation and support delivered jointly in collaboration between Fastly and SoftBank.

  • In addition to our existing Tokyo POP, we’ve added a POP in Osaka (we use the airport code ITM to identify it), which has increased our server capacity in Japan by 50%.

Reasons for launching a new POP in Osaka include:

  • Performance. Establishing a second Japanese POP in Osaka allows Fastly to connect to more ISPs in the region, bringing our caches closer to end users.

  • Capacity. We’ve added additional capacity to support our growing customer base in the region.

  • Reliability: The Osaka POP provides redundancy to the region in the event of a failure in our Tokyo POP.

Japan is an exciting market for Fastly, and our Tokyo-based team is growing. We established Fastly Kabushiki Kaisha (K.K.), a wholly-owned Japanese subsidiary, earlier in the year with a new office in the Shin Marunouchi building in central Tokyo. It’s air-conditioned, which I’ve quickly learned is important in July!

We’re looking for Japanese-speaking customer support engineers, so if you’re based in Tokyo, come work with us.

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