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Fastly + Terraform: now better, together

Fastly is made up of developers who want to build great things — just like you. It’s why we invest in the community and in frictionless tools that automate the rote and free up time for deeper experimentation.

In that spirit, we are excited to announce sweeping updates that reconcile our Terraform provider with key Fastly functionality. Terraform lovers, rejoice. We know we are.

Terraform by HashiCorp is an open-source tool that enables teams that want to capture their infrastructure requirements as code to build, change, and version it safely and efficiently. Before this update, Fastly customers (you crafty bunch, you) made their own customizations, creating and managing things like a service that caches a static website from an AWS S3 bucket, an originless service, or a Google Compute Engine instance with a Fastly service in front of it. 

These new improvements mean you can more easily automate and customize our services and put a host of new Terraform features to work. Highlights include:

  • Support for all versionless resources (dynamic snippets, ACLs, edge dictionaries)

  • Support for Microsoft Azure Blob Storage and Splunk logging

  • Support for version and service comments

  • Multiple additions to our Go API client, including support for our batch API endpoints 

  • Refactor of the Terraform provider to fix multiple logging, encoding, and schema bugs

Fastly Terraform snippet

Stay tuned for even more Fastly + Terraform goodness to come, as part of a larger effort to create a frictionless experience with our API and our commitment to support the open-source and developer communities. 

Upgrade the provider you currently use, or if you don’t use Terraform yet, give it a try.

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