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Fastly Welcomes New Executive Team Hires

Mar 9, 2014
By  Artur Bergman, CEO and Founder

Today, we’re excited to welcome three new Fastly team members.

Steve Souders, formerly Head Performance Engineer at Google, will focus on expanding Fastly's site acceleration services in his new role as Chief Performance Officer. Christopher Brown, previously CTO of Chef (formerly Opscode), brings 20 years of experience designing, delivering and managing online systems at scale to his role as VP Operations. Tom Daly, former CTO and co-founder of DYN, will focus on scaling Fastly’s global CDN footprint as VP Infrastructure.

We’ve seen huge growth in the past year, and we’re doubling down on our commitment to provide customers with the best possible service and performance. As traffic continues to increase, we’ll keep working to expand our global network, grow the Fastly team and help a broader range of companies accelerate their sites, apps and APIs. We’re thrilled to have Steve, Christopher and Tom on board!

If you’re interested in joining the Fastly team, you can check out our current job openings here.


Artur Bergman | CEO and Founder

Artur Bergman is the founder and CEO of Fastly, where he’s helping build a better, faster internet.

Prior to founding Fastly, Artur served as CTO at Wikia, a Quantcast Top 20 site, where he built a content delivery network in-house. Artur was one of the first supporters of the growing DevOps community, and he’s been a prolific contributor to the open source movement. He was a major driver in the development of Perl — the highly capable, feature-rich programming language. In the past, Artur also served as an advisor to Opscode Management Console, now known as Chef.