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Fastly’s new changelog makes it easier to track API enhancements

Fastly is built for developers by developers. And as developers, we know that when you’re building against our API, it’s absolutely crucial to know about all changes and have sufficient time to adapt to them. 

Today, we’re launching a more robust and transparent API changelog that will make it easier for developers to get the facts they need to keep building the experiences users love. The changelog will include change-specific information relating to new features, incremental enhancements, security updates, and more.

API changelog screenshot

The Fastly API changelog has a number of features that make it easier for developers to stay up to date on incremental improvements:

  • Key information on the change and direction to additional resources, like specific API documentation or blog posts

  • Category tags: added, changed, deprecated, removed, fixed and security

  • A schedule of coming changes

  • Guidance on how to prepare for larger updates

  • A full list of all enhancements to the API, regardless of how small the impact

To make it easy to stay in the loop, you can subscribe to an Atom feed — one for live changes and one for scheduled, or follow a new Twitter account we’re launching today. Fastly API will tweet updates to the API changelog.

The changelog will share every change we make, with nothing spared. The more transparent we can be, the more reliable you can be. Have feedback on the changelog or anything else? We’re all ears.

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