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Jason Cook at Linux Conference Australia 2014

By  Kelly Jandro, Customer Marketing Manager, January 14, 2014

Last week, Fastly engineer Jason Cook spoke about TCP tuning at the 2014 Linux Conference in Australia. His session covers tuning several aspects of your application and the underlying TCP stack to deliver the best possible performance over the public Internet. If you missed it, check out the video below.

Jason's talk covers:

  • The accept loop and the pain of a dropped SYN

  • Tuning TCP Slow Start for short-lived connections

  • What you can do at the host level about a DoS

  • TCP offload engines and the unexpected

  • TIME_WAIT and the worst advice ever

  • SSL, keepalive, and cheating the speed of light


Kelly Jandro | Customer Marketing Manager

Kelly Jandro leads Fastly’s Customer Marketing program, where she works with customers to tell their stories through case studies and events. She has an Economics degree from Northwestern.