Jason Cook Talks about Tuning TCP

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of speaking at Velocity2013 about fine tuning application performance to increase end-user experience and satisfaction.

User experience is a hot topic, and it often centers around a few key concerns. First, application delivery. Applications need to be fast; if you're going to create it, you need to be able to serve it to users globally. Second, personalization. Users want experiences that are tuned to their preferences and needs — especially those that constantly evolve and change with their interactions. Lastly, users want new and better experiences all the time; users get bored fast, and creating long-term engagement and loyalty is really freaking hard.

My talk focuses on how to deliver and tune applications to deliver all these experiences and make users happy. I cover how tuning several parts of your application and how the TCP stack helps deliver solid performance over the internet. A few of the nitty-gritty details that I describe include: the accept loop and the pain of a dropped SYN, tuning TCP Slow Start for short lived connections and TCP offload engines and the unexpected tradeoffs.

Hope you enjoy my talk!

Jason Cook Talks about Tuning TCP For The Web at Velocity 2013 from Fastly on Vimeo.

Jason Cook
Principal Engineer

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Jason Cook
Principal Engineer

Jason Cook is a principal engineer at Fastly.

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