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Lee Chen

Head of Streaming Media and Cloud
January 7

Is multi-CDN delivery the solution to your QoE goals?

Multi-CDN delivery helps deliver a higher quality of experience and is growing in popularity. Let’s explore why and what key factors you should keep in mind in evaluating if it’s the right…

September 12

Observability in Live Broadcasts and Quality of Experience

Over the past decade, we’ve come to rely on client-based technologies like Conviva and other vendors to identify areas of QoE where we might improve. While client-based analytics provide…

June 11

Q&A with Miles Ward, Global Head of Solutions, Google Cloud Platform

We had the opportunity to sit down with Miles Ward and chat about trends in the cloud industry, working with Fastly, and how Google Cloud Platform really sets itself apart.

June 4

Defining innovation capacity, part 2: Flexibility capacity

I believe that inflexible technology can promote an aversion to innovation. When building a stack, cost and performance are traditionally prioritized. That makes sense for immediate needs…

May 27

Defining innovation capacity, part 1: The innovation value of your technology stack

Today's ideas can become tomorrow's indispensable service. This doesn't happen by magic. It takes a toolbox designed for innovative work.

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