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In November 2014, we announced Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator, a collaboration with Google Cloud Platform that combines the power of Google’s infrastructure with the speed and flexibility of our real-time content delivery network. We're seeing more of our customers leverage cost-effective cloud services to build scalable infrastructure, and so today we're excited to announce that we're expanding our collaboration with Google Cloud Platform.

Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator interconnects the Google Cloud Platform backbone and our network in two crucial locations, San Jose, CA and Ashburn, VA. As of May 1st, we now have nine Fastly points of presence (POPs) interconnected with Google, extending the benefits of Fastly to your GCP services all over the world.

POPs that connect to Google Cloud Platform now include San Jose, Los Angeles, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, New York, Ashburn, Frankfurt, London, and Tokyo.

fastly global delivery network pop map v1 gcp

With this global interconnectivity, Google Cloud Platform customers can leverage Fastly’s network to accelerate dynamic content, cache event-driven content, and use our custom VCL at the edge to help power a wide range of applications.

How it works

gcp how it works

Our private interconnects with the Google Cloud Platform network backbone dramatically reduce latency to your origins on Google Cloud Platform. Bypassing the public internet, traffic between Google and Fastly improves origin response times dramatically. Fastly’s Origin Shield collapses requests to the origin on cache misses, resulting in improved cache hit rates and lower egress costs. Customers using Google Cloud Platform and Fastly can move more application logic to the edge, and expect to see increased scalability for burst traffic and increased speed to innovation.

Over 4x increase in speed with Fastly + Google Cloud Platform

The proof is in the numbers. Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator, in collaboration with Google, is four times faster on the 95th percentile than utilizing other cloud providers.

On Google Cloud Storage <> Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator in Ashburn, VA, response times for content requests:

Median 75th-% 90th-% 95th-% 99th-%
130ms 180ms 290ms 380ms 750ms

By comparison, Amazon S3 <> Fastly Cloud Accelerator in Ashburn, VA, response times for content requests:

Median 75th-% 90th-% 95th-% 99th-%
1200ms 1500ms 1700ms 1800ms 2200ms

Find us at Next, a new Google Cloud Platform experience

We’ll be speaking about how Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator makes a difference for our customers at Next, a new Google Cloud Platform experience, in NYC, SF, Tokyo, London, and Amsterdam. We’ll also be discussing performance-driven scalability with the Google Cloud Platform team. When we’re not on stage, you can find us in the partner space previewing a cool new demo experience. Join us in the city nearest you — registration is free.

Over the next few weeks leading up to Next, I’ll be discussing a few specific uses cases that illustrate why Google Cloud Platform plus Fastly is such a powerful combination — not just for your technology stack, but for your entire business.

If you’d like to learn more, sign up for Fastly’s Cloud Accelerator.

Lee Chen
VP, Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships

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Lee Chen
VP, Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships

Lee Chen is the Vice President of Corporate Development and Strategic Partnerships at Fastly and sits as the executive sponsor for our media products. At Fastly, he has led a wide range of functions across product, marketing, and partnerships. He has spent the past 20 years in the media and entertainment space, pioneering live broadcasts over the internet. Prior to joining Fastly, he founded and led several startups in technology and eSports.

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