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When I started Fastly in 2011 I wanted to bring the CDN experience into the 21st century – CDNs were too slow, inflexible and opaque. Based on our experience building large websites, we re-thought how to deliver content, built a powerful caching engine and tied it together with advanced distributed systems.

We’ve been so busy we forgot to actually blog about the cool stuff we are doing so we are launching Move Fastly to keep you up-to-date on things, including:

  • Deep excursions into the Fastly Stack (ops, kernels, c code)

  • Product news

  • Rants about technology (get a SSD now)

  • Our awesome customers – we love their traffic.

  • How to use Fastly (and CDNs) to beat the speed of light.

The last two years have taught us one very key lesson: speed is more than just fast. Speed is what delivers amazing customer experiences and increased revenue. Speed is what will position you as a leader in your industry. Understanding this is why such companies as AddThis, Disqus, Github, Shazam, Etsy and Twitter trust us to help them reach those goals; delivering more than 12 billion requests per day, each in under a millisecond.

Five years since our first deployment and two years since Fastly was founded, we strive to deliver the CDN you want to use; fast, flexible and transparent. Something you can build a modern application on.

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