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Fastly is a developer-minded CDN, so we're always looking for ways to integrate with the most popular frameworks and platforms. Today, we're happy to announce a number of improvements aimed at the Ruby on Rails community. Read on for more information about our acquisition of the popular CDN Sumo Heroku add-on, our new Engine Yard integration, and the new Fastly Ruby on Rails plugin.

CDN Sumo Acquisition / Heroku Fastly Add-on

Fastly is proud to announce the acquisition of CDN Sumo, a content delivery network add-on for Heroku. By adding a CDN to their existing stack, Heroku customers can speed up content delivery and reduce dyno load. CDN Sumo enables Heroku customers to provision Fastly services for their apps in a matter of seconds.

CDN Sumo co-founder Michael May has joined the Fastly team to work on plugin and partner integrations. Through this acquisition, Fastly will now be servicing hundreds of existing CDN Sumo customers, and we look forward to working with new ones. CDN Sumo will be rebranded as the Fastly Heroku add-on in the coming months, and we will bring more features to the plugin to provide insight into app performance and allow for further customization of services. Stay tuned for a more technical CDN Sumo migration blog post about the how’s and why’s of this migration.

Engine Yard Add-on

Over the last few months, we’ve been working closely with Engine Yard and are happy to announce the open beta of the new Fastly add-on. Tightly integrating our CDN service with Engine Yard makes it easier than ever for customers to accelerate their Rails applications.

Provisioning an application only takes a few seconds and can be done entirely from the Engine Yard interface. With support for Single Sign On (SSO) and integrated billing, it’s now a snap to setup, configure, and administer CDN accelerated applications.

“CDN integration is a key requirement for many customers running apps on our cloud application management platform. We’re excited that Fastly has joined the Engine Yard Partner Program and will be helping customers to improve their application performance,” said Marcy Campbell, SVP Global Alliances and Business Development at Engine Yard.

Engine Yard is a great Platform-as-a-Service with excellent support for Rails and other web frameworks. We’re thrilled to be working with them. For more details about the add-on, see Engine Yard’s blog post about Fastly.

Fastly-Rails Plugin

Part of being a developer-driven CDN is analyzing how people use our products and developing ways to make them better. Many of our customers’ applications are built on Ruby and Rails, which is why we’ve released a supported Rails plugin today.

The Fastly-Rails plugin provides a plug-and-play way for Rails developers to set up dynamic edge caching in their apps by creating unique Surrogate Keys for model instances, setting Surrogate-Key headers on requests, and purging those instances from the Fastly cache when they are updated. We look forward to hearing from the community about what could be improved and which new features you’d like to see. Check out the code on GitHub and tell us what you think. Coming soon is an in-depth guide demonstrating plugin usage and best practices.

RailsConf 2014

We’ll be hanging out at RailsConf 2014 in Chicago on April 22-25. We’re holding office hours at the Engine Yard booth (booth #519) on April 23 from 12:30 to 1:45pm. Come say hi, chat about our Rails plugin, and grab a Fastly t-shirt. Follow @Fastly on Twitter to see where we’ll be during the event. We hope to see you there!


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