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Ryan Richards

July 24

Adaptive Plots Using Epoch

Introduced in the most recent release (0.6.0), adaptive plots add a level of flexibility and interaction that was sorely missing in the library. In this post, we’ll talk about what this…

April 16

Ruby on Rails on Fastly

Fastly is a developer-minded CDN, so we're always looking for ways to integrate with the most popular frameworks and platforms. Today, we're happy to announce a number of improvements aimed…

March 5

API Caching, Part III

In this, our final API Caching installment, we're going to explore how to use Surrogate Keys to reduce the overall complexity of caching an API.

December 16

API Caching, Part I

The web has come a long way since the 90s. In the past, sites were commonly driven by a single, monolithic application that acted as the only communication medium to a centralized database…

November 20

Build Your Own Network

At Fastly, we’ve been steadily building the world’s most advanced CDN. Since our founding, we’ve expanded the public network to include 17 globally distributed points of presence (POPs) and…

June 19

CDNs in a Nutshell

When I first joined Fastly two years ago, I had a vague idea of what Content Delivery Networks – CDNs – were and how they worked. Since then I’ve learned quite a bit more from some very…

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