Introducing the Fastly Historical Stats Tool

At Fastly, we’re always looking for ways to help our customers optimize for speed. Today, we’re happy to announce that (by popular request), we’ve made the Fastly control panel even better with a new Historical Stats Tool. We’ve always provided real-time stats, but we wanted to take transparency one step further. Now you can quickly and easily view your entire usage history.

Easy is Better

We’ve given you direct access to data we collect from the moment you first start using Fastly. Your metrics are displayed in an intuitive, graphical interface in our control panel and you can compare and contrast core metrics including hit ratio, cache coverage, origin latency and traffic.

historical stats 1

Stay in Control

You decide how much information to display in the Historical Stats Tool. You can choose to view:

  • A single service or all services aggregated together

  • An exact time range

  • A sample size of data (by day, hour, or minute)

  • A specific region, say just traffic in the US (or Europe or Australia-New Zealand or Asia Pacific), or even everything worldwide

After the data has been fetched from the Historical Stats API, we generate your graphs. You can click the “explain” button to view a quick explanation of what the metrics mean and how to interpret the graph. You can also download the information as a PNG file.

historical stats 2

Get the Most from Your Data

The Historical Stats tool was built to give you insights that’ll help make your site faster. The graphs can help you expose potentially hidden issues like origin performance degradation or abnormally high redirects to your site. With all of your metrics together in one place, your operations experts can diagnose non-trivial issues, and your marketing team can identify traffic patterns and growth potential.

historical stats 3

By comparing and contrasting different types of core metrics, we give you the information you need to optimize site delivery, spot software problems, and improve performance for your users. As of today, you’ll find the Historical Stats Tool in the main menu of the Fastly app - just click on “stats” to get started! If you have any questions, comments, or concerns feel free to contact us through the support tab on the right side of the app.

Happy analyzing!


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