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Standing in solidarity: our support of the amicus brief

Sunday night, Fastly joined 96 technology companies in filing an amicus brief (a “friend of the court” brief) in support of the lawsuit filed by the States of Washington and Minnesota to prevent certain portions of the President’s Executive Order 13769 on immigration from being enforced.

Immigrants have created and contribute to some of the nation’s most innovative and iconic companies. Fastly signed on to this brief to show support for our employees and their families, and because we believe a stable immigration system is important to our economy, the technology sector, and American business interests. We are proud to demonstrate this belief by standing in solidarity with many of our customers and partners.

The reception to the brief has been impressive and inspiring. We are honored to have been among the original 97 and would like to thank the organizers of this effort for their professionalism, commitment, and fast work. We look forward to growing solidarity for acceptance in America’s business community and beyond.

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