Updates to Fastly’s Terms of Service, Documentation, Acceptable Use Policy, and Privacy Policy

In December 2014 we revamped our Terms of Service and launched the technology compliance section of our documentation site to bring straightforward, enterprise-grade terms to the content delivery space. Since then, we’ve helped tons of fantastic new and existing customers solve many thorny technology and business challenges. All the while, we’ve been listening intently to the security and compliance challenges they face and have taken in their feedback about how we can be even more responsive to the evolving contracting and legal frameworks necessary to do business at the speed of the internet or, hopefully, faster.

As a result of this feedback, we are launching changes to some of our key legal and compliance frameworks. We’ve updated our Terms of Service to clarify and streamline provisions that had previously raised more questions than they answered. We’ve substantially revised our documentation articles describing our security and compliance programs to provide greater detail about how we keep Fastly, our network, and our customers’ content secure. While our Acceptable Use Policy remains the same, we’ve added more information about reporting concerns to Fastly about our customers’ content. Finally, we’ve made some minor updates to our Privacy Policy as part of our regular TRUSTe certification process.

We have also improved the ways you can keep abreast of our ever-improving documentation. First, we now have a significant changes blog that tracks documentation changes that legal and procurement teams might want to know about, such as a change in our Acceptable Use Policy, the retirement of a key feature, or a change in these security or compliance programs. Second, both of our documentation change blogs are now available as email subscriptions and RSS feeds for both standard and significant changes.

As always, if you're already a Fastly customer, the Terms of Service applicable to you are determined by the date you agreed to them and stay in effect unless you agree to a new version, which means updates to our Terms of Service don’t affect you until you take significant action with your account.

Want more detail on these changes? Be sure to check out our legal and compliance frequently asked questions as well as our archives, which include past versions of all the items mentioned in this post.

Paul Luongo
Chief Legal and Trust Officer

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Paul Luongo
Chief Legal and Trust Officer

Paul Luongo is the Chief Legal and Trust Officer at Fastly. Before joining Fastly, he was Vice President and Assistant General Counsel at salesforce.com; before that, Paul worked at Intel Corporation as a Senior Attorney. Paul began his career in law at Cooley Godward LLP and has a JD from the University of Michigan Law School, an MPP from the University of Michigan School of Public Policy, and a BA from the University of Pennsylvania.

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