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Updates to Fastly’s Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy

We’ve made some updates to our Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Acceptable Use Policy. Security, compliance and transparency are very important to us at Fastly, and these updates will help protect our customers as well as our company.

Our Terms of Service now offer enterprise-class legal terms in a simple format that supports the commitments in our documentation. Our documentation describes how our services work and provides important details about our security and compliance programs. We hope the combination of our new Terms of Service and our documentation makes it easy for anyone to get started with Fastly, whether you are a big company with sophisticated compliance requirements or a first-time developer just starting out. Please note that if you're a Fastly customer, the Terms of Service applicable to you are determined by the date you agreed to them, and stay in effect unless you agree to a new version. This means that updates to our Terms of Service don’t affect you until you take significant action with your account.

We’ve also updated our Privacy Policy and Acceptable Use Policy, both of which clarify Fastly’s role in interactions with customers, their end users, and visitors to our website. We hope these updates will help everyone better understand what they can expect from Fastly and what we expect of them.

Be sure to check out our legal and compliance frequently asked questions, and subscribe to our documentation RSS for a real-time feed of changes to all of our documentation.

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