The Fastly approach to a security operations center

The Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC) is a dedicated team of experts providing industry-leading security support to Fastly customers.

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Helping solve your biggest challenges

Mitigating attacks is difficult when attackers are only getting more sophisticated. The CSOC staffs the brightest application security experts to protect your services.

24/7/365 Protection

We operate a global team of security experts in a follow-the-sun model to ensure when you need us, we’re always available.

Proven Expertise

We staff experienced security professionals with deep Fastly product knowledge to swiftly mitigate attacks and optimize your security posture.

Advanced Tooling

We utilize our modern, scalable, and efficient platform to effectively triage alerts and spend more time proactively hunting threats on your applications.

Success stories

Protecting Applications and APIs

Securing services against sophisticated attackers requires expertise built by repetition.
The CSOC detects and mitigates some of the internet's largest attacks daily.

Mitigating DDoS

A financial services provider was the target of a multi-Tbps DDoS attack. We quickly implemented fingerprint blocking to return services to normal and prevent continued DDoS attempts.

Blocking Cache Busting

A media provider was hit by persistent cache-busting attacks. In just minutes, we identified the cause of the attack and implemented mitigations to bring their services back online and limit further attacks.

Averting Account Takeover 

A SaaS provider was inundated by a malicious botnet spraying compromised credentials. We not only mitigated the attack but also implemented rate limiting for their authentication endpoints and fortified them against future Account Takeover attacks.

Support options

Expanding capabilities

Protecting services requires a mix of proactive monitoring and defensive measures. 
The CSOC amplifies your application security with the right balance.

Threat Detection

We monitor and detect OWASP Top 10 threats and more 24/7/365.

DDoS Mitigation

We offer rapid DDoS detection, response, and mitigation to avoid unexpected downtime.

Threat hunting

We proactively search for vulnerabilities that your Fastly security products can protect against before they’re exploited.

Readiness drills

We partner with you to simulate responding to attacks, ensuring effective, rapid response when needed.

Comprehensive Reporting

We build actionable reports, including strategic recommendations, post-incident reports, and threat hunting insights.

Supported services

Augmenting your protection

Enhanced application security limits an attacker's impact on legitimate traffic.
The CSOC contributes to your success via support of multiple services.

Managed Security Service

Augment your application security capabilities and get peace of mind knowing your applications are secure and available with 24/7/365 monitoring, our industry-leading SLAs, rapid attack mitigation, threat hunting, and more!

Response Security Service

This service supports your current security capabilities with 24/7/365 CSOC access to help you respond to threats. It includes regular configuration assistance, our industry-leading 15-minute response SLA, and more!

Security Support

These services offer additional assistance for all Fastly Security products. No matter what product you’re using, the CSOC is here to help you.