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Fastly Response Security Service

The Fastly Response Security Service helps you respond to threats with support from Fastly’s application security experts. Lean on Fastly’s global Customer Security Operations Center to react to threats 24/7/365 with an industry-leading 15-minute response SLA and strengthen your posture with strategic support from a technical advisor.

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Maximize uptime and availability

React to attacks with the speed and efficacy of Fastly’s global Customer Security Operations Center while leveraging strategic support from our deep bench of security experts.

Increase security

Get the most out of your Fastly security products with custom configuration to align with your environment and architecture.

Augment expertise

Eliminate security gaps with the help of experts in Fastly’s Customer Security Operations Center.

Strengthen posture

Diagnose and develop plans in partnership with our technical advisors to bring your strategy in line with current best practices.


Reinforce your defense against advanced threats

Protect your applications and APIs by leveraging our next-generation tooling, customization, and technical expertise.

24/7/365 support

Contact us via phone, chat, email, or support ticket for priority assistance customizing your Fastly security products.

Incident response

React to and mitigate sophisticated attacks with support from the experts in our Customer Security Operations Center (CSOC).

Security strategy enhancement

Named Technical Account Managers partner with you to understand your environment, identify security opportunities, and guide you in building a robust security strategy.

Duolingo eliminates security gaps with Fastly’s Response Security Service

"Our team could do this on our own if we had unlimited time and resources, but a lot of very smart people at Fastly have worked on these things already. Partnering with Fastly’s Response Security Service is a great way to leverage their knowledge and get force multipliers for your team."

Matt Brandman

Senior Engineering Manager

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