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In this exclusive article, Fastly Principal Developer Advocate Andrew Betts — formerly of the Financial Times — walks you through how to dramatically reduce bandwidth consumption for a site hosting versioned downloadable assets.


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“We now have an origin that’s properly tuned for dealing with Fastly. Fastly helped us reduce our origin costs by 80% over the past year.”
Chris Boylan
Director of Engineering

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About the author

Andrew Betts | Fastly, Inc.

Andrew Betts is a Web Developer and Principal Developer Advocate for Fastly, where he works with developers across the world to help make the web faster, more secure, more reliable, and easier to work with. He founded a web consultancy which was ultimately acquired by the Financial Times, led the team that created the FT’s pioneering HTML5 web app, and founded the FT’s Labs division. He is also an elected member of the W3C Technical Architecture Group, a committee of nine people who guide the development of the World Wide Web.