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Today, expectations for digital experiences are at an all-time high: they must be fast, secure, and highly personalized. Organizations are modernizing their infrastructure to meet these demands, but if not done correctly, this can greatly increase the risk of downtime or introduce new security threats. Any amount of downtime can lead to significant financial losses while threats like layer 7 attacks including OWASP top 10, account takeover, API abuse/misuse and bots need to be protected against. Furthermore, as businesses look to advance their digital transformation efforts it’s important to avoid unnecessary cost or complexity. That’s where AWS and Fastly can help.

Seamless delivery and trusted protection

Fastly easily integrates with AWS to enhance central cloud services with added delivery and security features. Our edge cloud platform sits in front of a customer’s AWS origin to help deliver closer to end users, at the edge of the internet. Our next-gen WAF, which can be deployed natively across any AWS environment, allows customers to take advantage of increased security and added site reliability without sacrificing performance. Together, we help strengthen overall digital transformation efforts by supporting modern microservices architectures and containers within AWS environments.

Simplified cloud migrations with less risk of downtime

We know that any amount of downtime can mean serious financial implications. To help customers feel confident in their cloud migration efforts to AWS, Fastly’s Layer 7 load balancer defines content-aware routing decisions while ensuring instant convergence and failover. Unlike DNS-based solutions, this helps provide immediate and granular control while eliminating additional network hops or points of failure.

An award-winning WAF for faster time-to-value

As customers move applications to the cloud they need to protect against layer 7 attacks including OWASP top 10, account takeover, API abuse/misuse and bots. Named a Gartner Peer insight Customer’s Choice recipient for three years in a row, Fastly’s next-gen WAF has a proprietary detection technology that results in 90%+ of our customers using it in active blocking mode. Unlike other WAFs, ours deploys rapidly in hours, not weeks or months –– and customers won’t pay extra for managed service fees for rule tuning or ongoing maintenance.

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