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Meet the power of Azure and Fastly.

Together, we’re making it easier for you to move to the cloud and manage complex multi-provider or hybrid environments. Fastly is today’s leading edge cloud network, going further than traditional Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to deliver faster, safer, and more scalable experiences to audiences around the world. We cache and speed up the delivery of your web and application content thanks to our massive globally distributed network, which consists of clusters of servers located closer to end users. And because Fastly has direct, private connections to the Microsoft Azure’s network backbone, your traffic automatically routes over them — bypassing the public internet, and reducing latency.

Simplify cloud migration with edge logic

We’re making it easier for you to manage complex multi-vendor or hybrid environments: whether you’re using Microsoft Azure today, or evaluating a larger cloud migration strategy, we can get you where you’re going fast — and without performance degradation. Keep your services online as you migrate infrastructure to Azure with our Layer 7 load balancing, and support microservice architectures and containers with failover techniques and intelligent traffic routing rules.

Fast, engaging, customized user experiences

We have direct connections between Fastly and Azure, so you can deliver faster, more engaging user experiences. Data transferred between Fastly and Azure is sent over these optimized connections between our two networks. This avoids the latency typically associated with routing requests over the public internet, which makes things speedier and more engaging. Cache full pages at the network edge with Fastly’s Instant Purge, which lets you invalidate stale content globally within 150 milliseconds or less on a global average. And with surrogate key purging, you can purge an entire set of outdated objects at once without a performance hit.

Powerful visibility, real-time control

Use log streaming to see what’s happening with your traffic, to stay in front of issues, before they impact your business. Fastly delivers millions of real-time log events per second, all from our network edge. Enterprises can drill into the data and gain a wide range of valuable insights, including site performance by region, most-requested URLs, percentage of requests per second, and traffic spikes. You can also send rich, granular traffic and usage data to Azure Blob Storage and many other common endpoints, so you can easily monitor performance, and proactively address issues before they impact your user experience and affect your reputation.

Predictable, cost-efficient data transfers

If you’re currently using Azure, leveraging Fastly for edge delivery means that you’ll reduce the burden on your origin infrastructure. And when shielding at select Fastly locations you’ll also automatically benefit from the Microsoft ExpressRoute Direct Local product that provides direct, local connectivity to the respective Azure region. That means that your traffic from Azure to Fastly transfers over these high-availability circuits bypassing the public internet. As part of Fastly purchasing this product, Microsoft includes outbound data transfer fees for all data over these connections and Fastly includes those benefits in our standard pricing to our joint customers. That can result in some serious cost savings and performance benefits for you.

Spotlight on Taboola

Each day, Taboola generates 22 billion logs with edge delivery data and they needed a way to quickly, easily, and cost-effectively analyze the staggering amount of information. Utilizing Fastly’s edge cloud, Taboola was able to stream real-time logs directly into Azure Blob Storage, and then ingest that data into Azure Data Explorer automatically. Taboola estimates that they saved hundreds of thousands and they also freed up tons of developer time compared to their previous solution.

Azure Data Explorer, together with Fastly’s real-time logging, outperforms our previous solution with a faster update time and an intuitive interactive interface. Plus, it was so simple that we were up and running in a week, ingesting and analyzing 17 TB of data per day.

Ariel Pisetzky, VP Information Technology

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Fastly and Microsoft Azure

Trusted enterprise solutions, built at the network edge

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