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Fastly Launches New Security Solution

Digital leaders like Adobe and GitHub use Platform TLS to build trust with users and help companies automate the manual and inefficient task of certificate management, a cornerstone in protecting data privacy

SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (Sept. 13, 2018) -- Fastly, the leading edge cloud platform, today announced the launch of Platform TLS, an extensible product to help companies build brand trust and help automate and configure Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate and key management. The new offering facilitates secure browsing at scale for the hundreds of thousands of domains served from the Fastly edge cloud platform.

Today, online brand identity is about more than just design and speed; browsing unencrypted sites can lead to third parties observing and tampering with the actions and information of consumers, which in turn can result in data leaks, ultimately culminating in privacy violations, fraud, and identity theft. Overall, these issues can make it extremely challenging for a company to protect both its users and reputation.

But the web is evolving and taking steps to be more secure by default. Web browsers now indicate insecure websites that use the unencrypted HTTP web protocol, while Google Search downranks them. Large companies, such as those offering mass hosting or with multi-brand portfolios can now quickly and easily manage hundreds of thousands of individual certificates in bulk, instead of relying on a number of different vendors across their digital presence. Fastly’s offering provides protection and peace-of-mind to those who trust their favorite digital properties to deliver seamless, secure online experiences. The result is a safe, trustworthy, and user-friendly process.

Fastly’s Platform TLS makes it easy to manage TLS certificates while improving speed and protecting users. Available through Fastly’s API, Platform TLS reduces manual processes, improves security, and saves valuable engineering time by accelerating and automating certificate acquisition and deployment, all while enabling global distribution of encrypted transactions to central clouds through Fastly's edge. By helping companies automate certificate management, it frees up workloads and supports the delivery of hundreds of thousands of certificates, including those from Let’s Encrypt, a popular certification authority. The company also launched Subscriber Provided Prefix (SPP), enabling businesses to deliver a consistent user experience by allowing them to white-label Fastly’s global network infrastructure and thus future-proofing their brand.

“Transparency and trust are core values at Fastly, and we work to embody them in all facets of our business. Not only have we fostered deep relationships with our customers, but we in turn empower our customers to cultivate that same kind of trust with their end users,” explained Artur Bergman, founder and CEO of Fastly. “Our Platform TLS product goes hand-in-hand with that mission, helping brands build trust through fast and secure digital experiences. In equipping brands with the tools they need to securely provide services, we can help them – and, subsequently, their users – put their best selves forward online.”

"Every site needs to use HTTPS because unencrypted plain HTTP traffic can be modified to contain malicious payloads. Encrypting every site on the Web means embracing automation and ease of use for managing HTTPS deployments, and that's why we created Let's Encrypt. We're happy to see Fastly embrace those principles to help more people and organizations secure their sites,” said Josh Aas, Executive Director of Internet Security Research Group, the organization behind Let’s Encrypt.

For brands like Adobe, which utilizes Platform TLS for its Adobe Portfolio sites, managing certificates at scale is crucial to protecting the security and brand identity of its users.

“Adobe puts the user first, and we know that a site marked as insecure can severely damage an individual’s brand. That’s why Adobe Portfolio now has TLS powered by Fastly,” said Mike Sherov, Director of Engineering at Adobe. “Fastly is the only company with which we can integrate affordably at our scale. Not only is Fastly’s Platform TLS good for our users to build their brands securely, it’s good for the internet as a whole.”

The company has added leading brands like Alaska Airlines, Audi of America, BuzzFeed, Gannett, Reddit, TED, and Vice over the last three years. More recently, Fastly earned a spot on the coveted Inc. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies.

To learn more about Platform TLS and Subscriber Provided Prefix visit:

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