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TLS encryption

Protecting customer identities and the integrity of your website requires strong encryption. Fastly supports Transport Layer Security (TLS), the next-generation encryption and authentication protocol, to deliver a secure web experience for your users.

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Single secure network

Since any internet-facing network is exposed to the same threats, we maintain one compliant, secure, high-performance network for all customer traffic. This ensures a single platform for unified inspection and enforcement of both encrypted and unencrypted traffic flows.

TLS termination at the edge

TLS termination at the edge

We believe that implementing the highest standard of TLS encryption across your website shouldn’t slow it down. As part of our standard service, you can terminate secure TLS connections at our network edge, closer to users, offloading encrypted traffic from your web server for better performance.

Platform TLS

For companies with personalized spaces for their brands or customers that are looking for scalability, Fastly’s Platform TLS supports the automated delivery and management of hundreds of thousands of certificates, eliminating costly manual processes. It helps you easily deploy HTTPS everywhere, to ensure all your web properties are protected. You can use the Fastly API to fully automate TLS provisioning, including certificate and key management. This empowers you to easily manage certificates at scale, delivering a secure, fast experience for your end-users, whether you’re using certificates from Let’s Encrypt or another certificate authority.

Platform TLS and Subscriber Provided Prefix

Fastly’s Platform TLS and Subscriber Provided Prefix package allows you to give out your own IP address space to your customers or brands, and to easily manage a fast, secure HTTPS experience at scale. This provides a simple way for your customers or brands to configure TLS on Fastly’s network. With this offering, you can use your own dedicated IP address space for a given customer or brand for many years, backed by Fastly’s worldwide network – that way, your network looks like your own, but scales with Fastly. Having a persistent, dedicated IP address space for their customers is beneficial because it results in a consistent, secure, and fast experience for your end users.

Certificate hosting

  • Shared certificates allow customers to add their domain names (including wildcards) to the Subject Alternative Name (SAN) section of Fastly certificates. We take care of certificate procurement and distribution.
  • Hosted certificates allow customers to procure and upload their own keys and certificates, which Fastly will distribute to our caches. This service is often used for Extended Validation (EV) certificates, but we also support Organization Validated (OV) and Domain Validated (DV) certificates. We support Server Name Indication (SNI) for customers with modern clients, while customers with legacy clients can purchase dedicated IP addresses.