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Fastly Content Delivery Network

Are you moving applications to the cloud, digitally transforming your organization, scaling your development practices, or just needing to deliver content and applications faster? Fastly offers everything you need from a modern CDN, from effortless scale and built-in security to programmable control and full visibility.

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Supercharge delivery, empower developers

It’s time your CDN did more. If reliability, speed, and the freedom to customize delivery is critical for you, then Fastly’s CDN with real-time observability, programmatic control and baked-in security helps you deliver the dynamic experiences today’s users demand.

Boost performance and scale

Cache a wider range of content, including dynamic and event-driven content, for enhanced speed and personalization. Our network architecture with hyper-connected, high-capacity POPs and lightning-fast purging, ensures more content remains cached, improving performance, scale and user experience.

Reduce delivery costs

Serving more content from cache reduces trips to the origin, reducing egress costs. Use Fastly as an Origin Shield for further cache efficiency. With Fastly’s network, ensure availability and uptime with protection from traffic spikes and attacks. Full configurability means changes are automatically passed from development to production.

Improve developer productivity

Our highly configurable network offers developers real-time configuration control, comprehensive APIs, stress-free rollbacks, and real-time logs for quick issue resolution, reducing dependence on professional services and release queues. Seamless integration with CI/CD cycles and DevOps tools enhances workflows and developer satisfaction.


Modern architecture, powerful POPs

Our modern network design including fewer, more powerful POPs, and our instant purge capabilities enable caching more at the edge for longer, including rapidly changing content like inventory, pricing or breaking news.

Built-in security

We have built security into the fabric of our platform, including DDoS, next-gen WAF and TLS offerings, alongside performance, providing developers and security operations teams with a fast, safe environment to create, build, and run modern applications.

Configurability and control

Fastly empowers you with unrivaled control and configurability. Easily optimize caching and customize rules, instantly activate or deactivate them in real-time, and seamlessly roll back changes, all conveniently accessible through our intuitive UI or flexible API.

Real-time visibility

Fastly's real-time log streaming offers instant visibility into traffic, performance, threats, and troubleshooting. Stream logs to your preferred logging provider and dig requests or responses to diagnose problems and understand how your customers are engaging.

20% improvement in time to first byte around the world
Streaming Media

"We couldn't gain the confidence of our editorial team to place a CDN in front of our website unless we could clear content from the cache instantly. If breaking news happens and it isn't on our site within seconds, visitors will go elsewhere. With Fastly, updates are reflected on our site pages within milliseconds and we've seen a 20% improvement in time to first byte around the world."

Matthew O'Brien

Software Architect

The savings we get by using Fastly is enormous
Digital publishing

“The savings we get by using Fastly for our media transfers is enormous. We do more than a petabyte per month of data transfers. If we left that to our cloud provider and delivered it from object storage, it would cost hundreds of thousands of dollars per month. Plus, there's compute savings because we maintain a good cache hit ratio with our API.”

Brian Benns

Senior Site Reliability Engineer

The time to load the Checkout form on Stripe dropped 80%
Financial services

“The time to load the Checkout form on Stripe dropped 80% by rolling out Fastly. For someone on a slow mobile connection, that’s the difference between an abysmal experience and a good one. The ways people use Stripe vary, but customer satisfaction across all of those cases is much higher when performance is substantially better.”

Marc Hedlund

Former VP of Engineering

DevOps easy. DevOps friendly.

“It's DevOps easy. It's DevOps friendly. It was built for people within IT. You can API anything you need. You can use Terraform for anything that you want. All the data is there at your fingertips. Configuration is easily changed and tracked. There are so many things that are just built by people that obviously love HTTP and for people that use HTTP for their living.”

Ariel Pisetzky

VP Information Technology & Cyber

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