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Origin Connect

Improve delivery between your origin and Fastly with a direct connection

Audio, media, and video companies — or anyone shipping big data volumes — can increase reliability and reduce transit costs with a private peering connection to Fastly.

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Reduce transit costs

Skip egress costs with a private peering connection.

By shipping over a private peering connection directly to a Fastly shield POP, you bypass upstream providers between the origin and Fastly — and skip transit provider costs due to cache-miss requests.

Origin connect reduce transit costs

Increase network availability

Remove the risk of network congestion from other customers.

With a direct connection, Origin Connect helps reduce traffic congestion that can occur on shared public infrastructure and across upstream providers, increasing mean time between failures (MBTF).

Origin Peering increase network availability

Reduce latency

Increase the predictability of traffic sent across dedicated bandwidth.

Origin Connect reduces the number of hops in a network path. Fewer entities involved in getting traffic from your origin to Fastly’s network typically reduces latency and makes performance more consistent and predictable.

Origin Peering reduce latency

Origin connection options

No server hardware? No problem.

If you’re operating your own servers and trafficking big data, Origin Connect is perfect for you. But we provide alternative solutions as well. 

If your origin servers are located in a cloud storage provider, you can benefit from reduced egress costs through Fastly’s partner relationships with Azure and Google Cloud Platform. And if your traffic does not meet our Origin Connect threshold (typically >1Gb/second or 10% of the available bandwidth), Fastly can connect with you through the public fabric at an internet exchange (IX) point where we both share a presence. 

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Origin Peering connection options

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Our network is built smarter, not larger. Our strategically distributed, high-capacity POPs help you move data and applications closer to users to deliver the most up-to-date content in an instant.

Full control for a truly agile developer experience.

Make changes on the fly, instantly roll back code, and safely experiment at the edge with our API-first platform — fully integrated into your continuous deployment workflow.

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When you have questions, we have answers. Our world-class support includes documentation, chat, engineers, solutions packages, and more.

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