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Fastly Fanout

With increasingly high demand for real time experiences, whether engaging with end users or streaming updates, businesses are looking for simple solutions that they can add to their existing stack to bring real time push capabilities  to their services.

Fastly Fanout makes it easy to build and scale real time, streaming APIs. Such APIs are useful for pushing data instantly to browsers, mobile apps, servers, and other devices. You can delegate away the complexity and load of real time data push.

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Fastly Fanout

A publish-subscribe message broker running at the Fastly edge

Fanout enables you to push data in real time to many users, such as synchronous communication of messages in a chatroom, server updates to IOT devices, and other types of data between devices. Realtime messaging is used in a wide range of data streaming applications, including IOT, live commenting end user notifications, chat, and more.


Exchange data with your own implementation-agnostic web API. Use your own domain, authentication tokens, etc.


Fanout is able to provide full end-to-end reliable delivery, by querying your backend server for missed data, de-duplicating messages and supporting re-ordering (sequencing) of messages.

Reduce complexity & costs

Allows you to use your existing HTTP origin instead of maintaining a (complicated and expensive) WebSocket or other push protocol messaging infrastructure dedicated solely to real-time app development. Focus on your business, not reinventing the wheel.


Pub/sub at the Edge

Bi- directional asynchronous communication between clients and a backend server via API that makes it easy for developers to build or integrate their applications in the cloud.

Transport interoperability

Fanout supports use of WebSocket, HTTP Long Polling, and HTTP Streaming using any web stack on the backend

1:many and API-enabled

Automate bi-directional information delivery for multiple messaging protocols. Apply the benefits of your API management system (e.g. authentication) to your realtime endpoints.

Reverse proxy

Sits in front of your server application, managing all of the open client connections.

Product Capabilities

How Fanout Works

Add an endpoint on your backend that responds with Fanout instructions
Configure Fanouts proxy to route requests to your backend server
Call the Fanout API when there's data to send out

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