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High performance & predictability
High performance & predictability

Fastly’s Managed CDN delivers high performance for your users and predictability for your origin traffic by extending our industry-leading CDN services to your private network. We achieve this by designing a network of dedicated Fastly POPs that are sized and optimized to meet your unique needs. Our engineers work with you to determine your capacity requirements and assess cost versus cache hit ratio tradeoffs. Because we’re eliminating space constraints, you’ll see cache hit ratios above 99%, so even your long tail content remains in cache.


Our Managed CDN becomes part of your network infrastructure. We work closely with you to select the POP locations and capacities that best fit your traffic needs. We can even design your private network to comply with country-specific laws governing the location of stored data. Fastly also enables you to leverage existing transit/peering relationships rather than send bandwidth over public connections. If you wish to own the hardware, we can work with your vendor to obtain equipment that meets our specifications for a service-only option. Once deployed, you can take advantage of our key services, including core delivery, load balancing, and security.


With Fastly, you can terminate secure TLS connections at the edge of your private network, including HTTP/2 and IPv6 traffic. This offloads encrypted traffic from your origin servers for better performance. You can maintain control over your own TLS/SSL Certificates or we can provide them. Fastly Managed CDN can also be configured to tie into existing network security measures or policies because our POPs reside on your network, in your data centers. None of your POP capacity is shared with other customers.

Managed CDN
Fully managed service

With Fastly’s Managed CDN, we provide comprehensive CDN engineering and management services. Our experts become an extension of your team, designing and supporting a network unique to your business needs. We frequently review changes in your applications, traffic, and users, and fine-tune your CDN to optimize for these changes. Fastly Customer Support Engineers are always on standby, available to answer questions and resolve problems quickly. We also include 24/7/365 monitoring, alerting, and incident response as part of our standard service.

Cost effective
Cost effective

Historically, private CDN networks had to be custom built and managed internally. This was an expensive proposition that required substantial prolonged investment in areas outside of most companies' core business focus. Fastly’s Managed CDN is an “as-a-service” model, priced on a flat monthly rate based on desired POP capacity without transactional costs or TLS/SSL premiums. You’ll see reduced load on your origin servers, resulting in improved cache hit ratios and immediate cost savings. This allows you to confidently serve peak traffic while scaling back costly servers or virtual instances.

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A custom, fully managed CDN solution on your network

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