Dedicated IP

Easily manage IP addresses

Fastly can provide Dedicated IP addresses or you can bring your own IP to support non-SNI traffic, manage large domain lists, and identify zero billing traffic.

Fastly’s Dedicated IP addresses provide you with a pool of IPv4 and IPv6 IP addresses, maintained and managed by us, across our global edge cloud platform. If you have your own IP addresses, Fastly’s Subscriber Provided Prefix product allows you to have your IP spaces announced, routed and served by our infrastructure for use with production services.


Support for non-SNI traffic

Dedicated IP addresses can be used to support non-SNI traffic. Fastly can install customer-provided certificates at a dedicated set of IP addresses identified via customer-managed DNS records.

More personalized control

Fastly supports a number of standard cipher suites. Should you require more personalized control, Fastly allows you to create  custom cipher suites by providing you with dedicated IP addresses that support these custom sets.

Simplified management of large domain lists

IP-to-Service Pinning is used to help customers who are managing a large number of domains that need to be mapped to a single service. This option simplifies the management of large domain lists.

Identify traffic for zero billing 

Zero-rated IP addresses (ZRIPs) allow you to use dedicated IP addresses within Fastly’s global Edge Cloud to identify traffic for special treatment. For example, if you need to waive billing charges going to specific web services, ZRIPs can help you to identify traffic for zero billing.