Fastly Metrics

End to end visibility over your distributed systems

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View over 200 metrics across all Fastly services to create a complete view of your network performance and customer behavior. Access all your data, not just a subset, for deeper insights.

The ability to monitor the status of your site, product, or services is essential. Gain full visibility over your internet traffic from granular to holistic insights and origin to end user data.


Critical visibility

We don’t believe in black boxes. The ability to monitor traffic from origin to end-user is vital to verify the success of your delivery strategy.

Customizable data

Data is everything. Access insights via our API or user interface, data is presented in an intuitive and custom dashboard. Navigate to the exact datapoint you need or view historical data.


We provide over 200 metrics across our services that can support your data strategy. View client, origin, domain, security, compute, and image optimizer data and more. The insights are endless.

Measure your success

Peek behind the curtain of every arm of your delivery model. If you need to verify the health of the services or quantify your investment we have the metrics to answer your questions.

Uncover valuable insights with Fastly Metrics, so you can:

  • Troubleshoot origin errors rapidly
  • Proactively monitor origin health


Origin Inspector

Simplify your data pipeline and easily monitor every origin response, byte, status code, and more without needing a third party data collector. Report on egress data within the Fastly web interface with interactive dashboards. Verify the success of your Fastly services, especially with shielding or multi-CDN environments.

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Domain Inspector

Origin level analytics for all your domains. Domain Inspector is another in-house analytics tool to view domain level specifics without using a third-party vendor.

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Coming soon! Fastly’s Observability Dashboard allows you to analyze all your edge delivery metrics and observability data within a single pane of glass. Utilize our system, templated dashboards or customize views and visualizations relevant to your team or use case.

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Key features

Origin health checks

Fastly performs health checks on your origin server based on the check frequency setting you select in the create a new health check page.

Origin shielding

You can designate a Fastly point of presence (POP) to serve as a shield for your origin servers, enabling increased cache hit rates for your Fastly services and potentially protecting your origin servers from unexpected spikes in requests.

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Fastly Origin Inspector
Visibility from edge to origin


Customer FAQ
Origin Inspector


Monitor origin traffic from the Fastly UI with Origin Inspector, now in limited availability


Make more informed decisions with Domain Inspector, now in beta