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Does your metrics strategy include egress data? Read on for frequently asked questions and more information on Origin Inspector, Fastly’s edge to origin visibility solution.


What is Origin Inspector?

Origin Inspector provides you with datasets and visualizations that offer real-time and historical visibility into responses delivered from your origin servers to the Fastly edge cloud network. It allows you to monitor origin traffic without requiring you to send log data to a third-party data collector.

How does it work?

Origin Inspector aggregates origin response data received by a specified service and presents that information either as visualizations in the web interface or as a JSON-formatted data stream. Examples of the kinds of data aggregated include egress bandwidth, response status codes, and the number of origin responses.  For more detailed information about specific features check out our documentation.

What are some typical use cases for Origin Inspector?

  • Origin monitoring: Proactively monitor and react in a timely manner to issues that arise at the origin. 

  • Event monitoring: Get end-to-end visibility of traffic to your origin during critical calendar and live events. 

  • Troubleshoot origin errors: Account for every origin response, origin byte, and status code to get insight into origin errors and failures.

  • Evaluate your investment:  Quantify the extent to which Fastly services reduce origin infrastructure and egress costs, especially with shielding.


What level of reporting does Origin Inspector provide?

Real-time data is reported in one-second periods up to the last complete second for a 120-second window. Historical data aggregation and retention timeframes, however, vary based on the Origin Inspector level you have purchased.

Origin Inspector Level

Aggregation Timeframe

Retention Timeframe


Per hour

8 days


Per minute

15 days


Per minute

45 days

Can I choose which services I want to enable with Origin Inspector?

Yes, you have complete control over which of your Fastly services you choose to enable with Origin Inspector.

Are there any limits on the number of origins a service can support?

By default, we limit origins per service to five. Contact support@fastly.com to discuss raising this limit.

Enablement and Pricing

How do I get access to Origin Inspector?

Origin Inspector is available as part of either Fastly's Essentials or Professional Edge Cloud packages. Customers who have a paid account and a contract for Fastly's services can also purchase Origin Inspector at the Enterprise level for a separate additional fee, rather than as part of an Edge Cloud package. Contact us at sales@fastly.com to discuss this option.

How do you price this service?

Fees for Origin Inspector Enterprise are changed per each unique origin sending traffic through Fastly each month. This is tiered based usage pricing where the number of origins place you into a committed tier with a consistent charge every month. Any origins used above the committed amount will be charged an overage rate.

Fees for Origin Inspector Essential and Professional are charged per each unique origin sending traffic to Fastly each calendar day. We call this an "origin day." We multiply the number of origin days by your origin day rate to find your daily charge. Your monthly charge is the summation of the daily charges across a single billing month. We include 31 free Origin Days. To discuss pricing, contact sales@fastly.com.

What if I am not a Fastly customer?

If you are not yet a Fastly customer, we’ll work directly with you to immediately transition you to Fastly’s edge cloud platform. Contact sales@fastly.com.

What if I have more specific questions about Origin Inspector?

If you have any questions that are not covered in this FAQ contact support@fastly.com.