Media Shield 

Significantly reduce your origin traffic

Fastly’s Media Shield optimizes multi-CDN deployments while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of video streaming.

Media Shield

Configure one or more CDNs to use Media Shield as their origin, then configure Media Shield as the single point to your infrastructure.

Continue using your existing CDNs as you normally would, while taking advantage of Fastly platform features like origin shielding and request collapsing across your multi-CDN deployment. This significantly reduces your origin traffic, lowers egress cost and boosts performance.


Quality of Experience

  • Decreases origin bandwidth and infrastructure requirements without negatively affecting QoE

  • Eliminates disruptions due to spikes in volume to the origin server

Cost reduction

  • De-duplicates requests for the same content for a window of time, reducing overall bandwidth and request volume

  • Requires fewer origin servers to handle the same volume of traffic

Better control and performance

  • Improves both performance and availability by acting as a single origin for multiple CDNs

  • Centralizes management by enabling routing through the component content delivery network 

  • Reserve Fastly traffic capacity in preparation for high utilization events with capacity reservations

(Re)gain visibility

  • Gathers consistent information about upstream requests from multiple content 

  • Delivers real-time logs allowing content owners to respond to network problems quickly

Key features

Request collapsing

Fastly's request collapsing feature groups those requests and fulfills them together when it receives the refreshed content from your origin.

Capacity reservations

Capacity Reservation allows you to reserve Fastly traffic capacity for events based on data bandwidth in gigabits (Gb) per second, duration, and type of delivery.

Origin shielding

You can designate a Fastly point of presence (POP) to serve as a shield for your origin servers, enabling increased cache hit rates for your Fastly services and potentially protecting your origin servers from unexpected spikes in requests.


Fastly caches your content close to end users throughout the world so it can be served more quickly and reduce load and cost of your origin services

Instant purge

Remove your cached content worldwide on demand, within milliseconds, when your dynamic or event-driven content changes.

Soft purge

Allows you to mark content as outdated (stale) instead of permanently purging and thereby deleting it from Fastly's caches.

Static, dynamic and video content delivery

Fastly does not charge separately for web vs. streaming content nor for features like instant purging that make supporting dynamic and event-driven content possible. We provide one programmable service that optimizes all types of HTTP content.

"When we have to have different code in our applications to play video from different CDNs, that creates complexity. Media Shield removes complexity with our CDNs. Simpler applications means they are more reliable, which means happier customers and more engagement. That translates into more ad dollars and subscribers."
John Cool
Vice President, Digital Media

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