Significantly reduce your origin traffic

Media Shield

Fastly’s Media Shield optimizes multi-CDN deployments while reducing the total cost of ownership (TCO) of video streaming.

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Optimize multi-CDN deployments

Drastically reduce your origin footprint by inserting Fastly Media Shield behind your multi-CDN deployment. Simply configure your CDNs to use Media Shield as their origin, then configure Media Shield to point to your infrastructure. Fastly Media Shield lowers costs by reducing traffic to origin while maintaining high performance.

Better quality of experience

Reduce origin bandwidth and infrastructure demands while maintaining a high-quality user experience and eliminating disruptions at the origin caused by sudden increases in volume. Gain valuable insights and swiftly address network issues as they arise with real-time logs.

Improved control and performance

Enhance performance and availability by having Media Shield serve as a central origin for multiple CDNs. Streamline your management process by channeling your content through a single CDN, while being more prepared for high-traffic events. Turn cache misses into hits, ensuring more content is served from cache.

Cost reduction

Fastly Media Shield helps manage streaming video infrastructure costs by eliminating extra requests. It consolidates identical content requests into one, reducing infrastructure processing load and saving on egress costs. Origin shielding directs cache-misses to a designated Fastly POP, further cutting costs.


Request collapsing

Fastly's request collapsing groups requests and fulfills them together when it receives the refreshed content from your origin.

Origin shielding

Designate a Fastly point of presence (POP) to serve as a shield for your origin servers, resulting in increased cache hit ratios and protection for your origin from unexpected spikes in requests.

Instant purge

Remove your cached content worldwide on demand, within milliseconds, when your dynamic or event-driven content changes.

Media Shield removes complexity with our CDNs
Streaming Media

"When we have to have different code in our applications to play video from different CDNs, that creates complexity. Media Shield removes complexity with our CDNs. Simpler applications means they are more reliable, which means happier customers and more engagement. That translates into more ad dollars and subscribers."

John Cool

Vice President, Digital Media

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