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We are excited to announce another quarter of updates and launches. Our network capacity has reached 100 tbps, a proud milestone for our team. Our Developer Hub is up and running, helping Fastly customers get the most from our platform. On the logging front, we added a Datadog endpoint in limited availability. In the Fastly App, Audit View is now available to all Fastly users along with additional user experience enhancements. And at the start of the quarter, the Round Robin director was officially retired.

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Network updates: 100 Tbps of edge capacity

Our total connected edge capacity has been extended to 100 Tbps as of June 15, 2020. For more information about this exciting milestone please read our blog post 100 Tbps of capacity: how scale allows us to meet today’s digital demands.

Developer Hub

Fastly launched Fastly Developer Hub, a dedicated library for developers to access product information and tools to help them build fast, scalable and secure modern applications on the Fastly edge cloud network. Developers can now easily access changelogs and references to remain up-to-date on Varnish Configuration Language and Fastly’s API through Fastly Fiddle - a sandbox testing environment - allowing developers to test configurations without putting their own production environments at risk.

Datadog logging endpoint LA

Fastly's Real-Time Log Streaming feature now officially supports the Datadog logging endpoint via API and UI. Datadog is a cloud-based monitoring and analytics solution that enables users to see inside applications within their stack and aggregate the results.

Audit View

We released an Audit Log UI which allows customers to view activity across an entire account. This feature includes filtering and sorting for fast and easy event auditing.

OTFP Azure Authentication

In our continued partnership with Microsoft Azure, we added support for our On-The-Fly Packager (OTFP) to authenticate a Microsoft Azure back end. This allows the OTFP to securely connect to Microsoft Azure. Please reach out to your account manager if you are interested in this feature.

Round Robin Retirement

On April 2, we formally retired the Round Robin director. Our existing Random director, with its associated API, offers similar functionality to the retired Round Robin director policy.

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