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This quarter Fastly has made great strides to bring Fastly to the Google Cloud Marketplace and strengthen our security portfolio. Fastly is the first edge cloud network to be available in the GCP marketplace. On the security side, Fastly WAF and TLS 1.3 are functional in General Availability with TLS Commercial CA option with Globalsign in Limited Availability. We also continue to improve our existing products and services such as Fastly Image Optimizer, Terraform support, real-time logging, and network performance. The Diff view in the Fastly app has also been adjusted to upgrade usability.

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Google Cloud Marketplace Listing

Fastly is now available as a private listing on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Marketplace. Under a single billing arrangement, Google Cloud customers can now purchase Fastly using GCP committed spend. Fastly is proud to be the first edge cloud-based Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution offered within the GCP Marketplace. The addition of Fastly to the GCP Marketplace gives developers a modern, flexible platform on which to build fast, innovative, secure and highly personalized digital experiences.

Fastly Web Application Firewall GA

The new Fastly Web Application Firewall (WAF) is in General Availability and includes an updated API and improved user experience. Fastly customers can now access key capabilities, such as version history for firewalls to easily rollback configurations and the ability to update individual WAF rules including zero-day responses. We also added a simplified API and object model and simple WAF management.

We have also made improvements throughout the user interface on the All Services page, dashboard, and rule management page. Currently, existing users will not be automatically updated to the new Fastly WAF, but all new customers will be onboarded. Existing users will be migrated in the coming months or by request.

TLS 1.3 GA

Fastly has also released TLS 1.3 into General Availability. TLS 1.3 offers a stronger set of ciphers compared to former versions plus a reduction in round trips required to establish a secure connection, making TLS 1.3 faster and more secure than its predecessors. Customers can enable TLS 1.3 for their domains and see a reduction in Time to First Byte (TTFB) and improved page load times. TLS 1.3 is available for all new and existing customers and partners, except for customers using Shared TLS certificate options.

Fastly TLS Commercial CA Option LA - GlobalSign

Fastly TLS support for managed certificates from a commercial certification authority (CA) is now in Limited Availability. This new option enables our customers to secure their domains using a managed certificate from a commercial CA (GlobalSign) in Fastly TLS. Fastly manages the entire certificate life-cycle including private key creation and safe storage, and certificate issuance and renewals. This feature is currently available to new customers only.

Image Optimizer animated GIF to MP4 GA

Fastly Image Optimizer can now convert animated gifs to MP4 videos for faster load times, a smoother experience, and significant savings on end-users’ bandwidth. Visit our blog to learn how BuzzFeed was able to condense the 250 MB, browser-freezing “100 Greatest Gifs of all Time” article to a much more manageable 6 MB.

Terraform Updates

Our Terraform provider now is up to date and supports all of our supported logging endpoints. The following endpoints have been added.

  • Elasticsearch

  • Spaces by DigitalOcean

  • Rackspace Cloud Files

  • Openstack

  • Logshuttle

  • Honeycomb

  • Heroku Logplex

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub

  • Apache Kafka

  • Scalyr

  • New Relic

  • DataDog

  • Loggly

  • FTP

  • SFTP

Terraform support for Fastly WAF has also been released. Customers who use Fastly WAF can now manage their WAF via Terraform. Actions include but are not limited to:

  • Enabling and disabling WAF on a service

  • Changing what mode each rule is in

  • Copy and apply WAF rule sets across services

  • Rolling back versions

  • … and much more!

Logging endpoints GA

The following logging endpoints are now offered in General Availability.

  • Google Cloud Pub/Sub

  • New Relic Logs

  • Generic HTTPS

  • Datadog

Brotli Compression LA

To further optimize Fastly’s modern network, Brotli compression is now available in Limited Availability. Brotli compression is an addition to Fastly’s modern network that provides between an 8% and 13% improvement over gzip compression. For customers interested in joining the LA release phase of this new compression feature, please reach out to your support team.

Fastly App Diff View

This quarter we focused on improving diff view within the Fastly app. Users can now enjoy the following changes:

  • Allowing a user to diff by YAML or VCL

  • Adding line numbers to the diff

  • Collapsing unchanged lines of code by default

  • Ability to expand all/collapse all

  • Swapping back and forth the versions to diff

  • Activating a version from the diff

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