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TLS 1.3 is faster, more robust, and now available

The newest version of the TLS protocol is designed to improve the performance and security of traffic served over HTTPS — and it’s now available to Fastly customers. And unlike most other providers, our implementation of TLS 1.3 is end-to-end — providing secure and fast experiences from the client to the origin.

TLS 1.3 offers a stronger set of ciphers compared to former versions, plus a reduction in the number of round trips required to establish a secure connection. This makes TLS 1.3 more performant and more secure than its predecessors. 

Explore why TLS 1.3 is faster, more robust, and more responsive than ever before and how the definition of secure networking is expanding with Fastly Distinguished Engineer Patrick McManus: 

TLS 1.3 is available for new and existing customers and partners who are either on Fastly TLS, Concierge TLS, Platform TLS, Legacy Customer-Provided TLS Certificate Hosting Service, and Certificate Procurement, Management and Hosting.

This is just the latest step Fastly’s making to offer robust security features for a more trustworthy internet. Ready to activate TLS 1.3 for your account? Get the details here.

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