The technical guides for application security

The Fastly Technical Account Managers are a team of security experts offering strategic support to customers.

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Championing your initiatives

Uncovering and solving security challenges is a massive and necessary undertaking. Technical Account Managers (TAMs) offer you the strategic support that makes it attainable.

Strategic Direction

We are versed in the latest security initiatives and best practices to diagnose your current posture and how to bring it into the industry gold standard.

Informed Perspective

We are focused on your success and name a TAM to your team to gain fluency in your unique environment and goals.

Technical Acumen

We are experts in security and Fastly’s Products to offer unique solutions for nuanced security complexities.

Success stories

Planning for success

Achieving key security initiatives isn’t always a straightforward path.
Technical Account Managers bring clarity to your security journey.

Offering guidance in high-impact moments

DDoS attacks rendered a major food and beverage company's site inoperable for nearly an hour. Under duress and scrutiny from senior leadership, the customer turned to their Security Technical Account Manager for support. They coordinated efforts from across Fastly to investigate the attack, outline what capabilities Fastly had to mitigate similar attacks, and offer detailed recommendations to improve their security posture and prevent future interruptions.

Expanding teams with intimate support

A major streaming media provider was preparing for increased traffic from major events and wanted to ensure their posture could withstand anyone trying to cause disruption. Their named Security TAM worked in the weeks leading up to implement customized best practices and ensured Fastly’s CSOC was appraised and ready to support when incidents arose. After the event concluded, their Security TAM delivered a post-event report highlighting mitigated incidents and opportunities to further bolster their security posture.

Solving customer needs with Fastly’s capabilities

A major transportation provider purchased multiple Fastly security products but was unsure how to optimize their setup. Their Security TAM leveraged their deep understanding of the customer’s environment and goals to seamlessly blend their needs with Fastly's capabilities. They coordinated the buildout of a best-in-class setup tailored to the customer’s licensed security products and outlined what products would align with their needs in the future.

Support options

Enabling confident decisions

Innovating on established practices takes informed perspectives.
Technical Account Managers meet regularly with your team to offer counsel.

Strategic Recommendations

We leverage our insights from attacks across our customer base to analyze your current posture and offer recommendations.

Comprehensive Guidance

We deliver timely reports and focus on contextualizing their insights for actionable enhancements.

Security Consultation

We work in tandem with your team to craft custom strategies that achieve your key security initiatives.

Experience Enhancement

We organize training and usher product feedback or feature requests to internal teams for prioritization.

Health Checks

We assess your security posture and corresponding infrastructure to ensure you’re operating under current best practices.

Supported services

Augmenting your expertise

Strengthening a security posture requires a unique mix of expertise and capability 
Technical Account Managers contribute to your success via support of multiple services.

Managed Security Service

Augment your application security capabilities and get peace of mind knowing your applications are secure and available with 24/7/365 monitoring, our industry-leading SLAs, rapid attack mitigation, threat hunting, and more!

Response Security Service

This service supports your current security capabilities with 24/7/365 CSOC access to help you respond to threats. It includes regular configuration assistance, our industry-leading 15-minute response SLA, and more!

TAM Services

These services offer levels of strategic support from a named TAM for technical guidance, architecture and configuration best practice recommendations, suggested posture enhancements, health checks, overarching security strategy development, and more!